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The play started and I thought there was noone there from my family. The show itself went really well, really quickly. I was waiting to meet all the audience afterwards, then I suddenly pointed across the foyer, I couldn't speak ... because my mum, my sister, my auntie and my cousin were there ! I thought my cousin and auntie would come, I wasn't sure about my mum and sister. In fact I believed my mum wasn't coming. They only decided at six o'clock that they would come, got their tickets on the door. We got all of them on film but my mum talking which I wanted and had never managed. She'd always avoided the camera. Everybody recognised my voice straight away in the voiceover, though I hadn't told them what character I was playing. They thought I was really clear.


Surprise, surprise, I have actually started writing my life story, after talking about it for quite a while. Hurray. I've been writing notes, thinking about dates, planning.
I've worked out that I am in my eighth home since being born. In the first couple of years I only ever went home at weekends, and nanna helped out with my mum.
I had been transferred to Sydenham Children's Hospital for surgery soon after birth. Then after three weeks transferred to Chailey Heritage for further specialised surgery and rehab. This was when my famous little Chailey Chariot was designed to enable me to get about. I came home for good aged 8 months and apart from the odd hospital stays/operations, was at home. Started at Marjorie McClure School when I was three.
Next step is to contact the Marjorie McClure School, because I want to film there.


My cousin's back from Guyana, hopefully coming to see the play on Thursday. The last play she saw was TakeAway, some years ago.
I am looking forward to this performance, at least I'll be seen on stage now - as I was going to be just a voice. Brandon, our director, originally forgot me, offstage at the back, and had to be reminded ! Icky-thump !


On 25th September my cousin Hannah Kay is getting married in Guyana. This will bring the second Guyana man into our family ! What's going on ? Shall I make it a third ?


Next week we have a dance and film show on Wednesday. Don't know whether my mum's coming. My film is going to be in it ... this afternoon I watched it for the first time. I'm really pleased that it is finally done, part one anyway.


At the BBQ I saw Emily for the first time for a few months. Babies grow up so quickly, she has got the hair of Oliver, really curly. Didn't see Oliver, he was in Legoland.
For the Epsom Show I am in most of the dance pieces. I am going to be shattered by the end of the evening. It will be good to see a bit of the film I have done of my life ...


Hemmet House BBQ is this weekend, my mum is coming but doesn't want to be filmed. She is bringing Emily, my niece. I haven't seen her for ages, so she will have grown.
We are rehearsing for the Dance & Film Show in July and I am in two of the short films for the Show - one is West Side Story (in 4 shots) and the other one is a dance. I am enjoying it but it is hard work. It will be worth it in the end ! I'm going to show in July a little bit of the film I am making about my life.


That day finally happened. Oliver and my sister came, and Bump ! Who is now Emily. Oliver was more interested in behind the camera. We eventually got a little bit of filming done. Another thing for the film is my life book - we found it at home and I am waiting for somebody to drop it off at Hemmet House. There's loads of stuff in there, don't know when my mum started it. I put the name "My Life" on the book, in quite grown up writing, capital letters. Recently I looked through all the footage we have and thought is was good. Nice seeing people at my old school and some of them hadn't changed a bit. And they said that about me as well, except some called me Samantha !


I'm still doing my story about my life. Didn't take the camera home - whoops. Bit pear-shaped at home last weekend. I will contact my sister and arrange another filming day !


20th May 2008 - we left The Bridge at midday and travelled to Marjorie McClure School which is in Chislehurst. We saw two people straight away that I knew: Sue O'Leary and Maureen Ragnar, who had retired but happened to be there that day. I spent most of my time at this school from when I was 3 to 17. I took a film crew - Anthony O'Sullivan and Sonas Musana. We met with the headteacher, Denise James-Mason, after eating our lunch in the staffroom. We were there for a couple of hours.
This afternoon Wendy interviewed me about my life. The interview took place outside and lasted half an hour. I enjoyed it and feel more confident now in front of camera. I don't want to rush things, making this film, and will speak to mum and dad and my sister this week about being interviewed.


I am going to start writing my life story for film. We'll make it on video, there will be songs that mean things to me, pictures of my family and friends. I want to get my story down.
Seeing Jamie's film "Top Wheel", a finished piece, inspired me to do this. There's nothing on TV at the moment about Spina Bifida and Hydracephalous. I was born with this condition and first of all I walked with leather and metal calipers up to my chest.
I am hoping that Hemmet House where I now live will be the last time I move - at least to stay with Phil's organisation. Phil may open up a new place, flats.


This morning I got an Easter card from Dial-a-Ride ! With all the booking times for Easter. Which is very useful given that Pete and the rest of us have npt been able to make a booking for fifteen months.


This week I finished off my choreography piece of dance and I think it went really well. This was the third week but the first one with music - Kirsty McColl "Fairytale in New York". This is the second time I have done choreography but the first time I have finished a piece.


Just a moment while I hit Chris.
I am doing some choreographing with the dance group. I am having half and Wendy is having the other half. I am really looking forward to getting my own back on Peter. I put some bits together a long time ago. Hopefully I will finish this piece. I have three weeks.

Transport troubles!

I have been busy this week phoning dial-a-ride and council members for our film on transport. People are hard to get a hold of! I will keep trying!!!


Performance went alright, lines OK - apart from having the wrong script for one show, voice didn't get any worse. Good audiences both night, full house. It was bizarre being back at Dorincourt, the Development Centre, after nearly a year.

Dress rehearsall tonight, still learning lines, losing voice!

I am learning my lines for our next show.

Him Indoors is nicking all my words I was going to put down. I went to the Woking conference with Pete and also did the interview with the Surrey Advertiser that has now been published. I've got two copies ! Mum hasn't seen it, she lives in Beckenham.
I am looking forward to Play In A Week - I'll be a performer in that which is what I really wanted to do - and enjoy the dance sessions which today was filmed.

My first entry

I joined the Company in 1994. Then in 2005 I became Friends of the Freewheelers' secretary. I take new memberships, renew memberships, write letters to Friends - my mum is one of them, remind them about renewals. I do the odd bit of performing, and dying. That was a couple of years ago. I didn't tell my mum, she killed me. Literally.