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Christmas Drama Production, innit ?

Today it's cold outside. I'm looking forward to Christmas, I'm happy to be at The Bridge today with all my friends and Brandon of course. I'm looking forward to today's performance of Earth Rise in which I am dancing. Normally I can't come on a Tuesday because I've got college but now it's Christmas break. I haven't got any more jokes, not new ones anyway ...

I started on Tuesdays going to college in Wallington to do an IT course which lasts 32 weeks and I'm enjoying it. I miss coming to the Tuesday group, because of the company, seeing the computer, learning things about the computer.
At the weekend I went to Rochester, to Chatham Docks to see the historic boatyard, old boats the soldiers used to get in, from the Second World War. You had to go through small holes, they were narrow and tight, into another bedroom, like a galley. There were seven or eight bunks in the bedroom, stacked up, you walked in between. We had fun walking around, looking at the scenery, it was my first time there. I wore the right clothes but it was a bit smelly in the boats because they were old.
It's a good job I'm here to check up on Chris about the new camera, whether he is reading the manual properly.

It's a sunny day today and I'm looking forward to what I'm going to do in Media.

"Do you like dogs ?"
"Yea, I do like dogs, but I couldn't eat a whole one."

The summer wasm't very good really, the weather was pretty miserable and cold.
I am also looking forward to "Jack and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamstalk" in October. It's a marionette show, with puppets acting it but we do the voice overs for the puppets.

I have been learning how to edit stuff. I have enjoyed it and am enjoying it more now, because you have to learn a bit about it before you start, haven't you. Next week we are doing some filming at the Nomads Theatre - I am joining the film crew at Play In A Week. I hope to do a bit of filming myself. I don't mean filming myself, as in .... !?
Yesterday we were filming Parklife in the park just outside the Bridge Centre. It wasn't me as a member of the film crew - Gary was doing the filming with his big camera. He is a volunteer and a professional filmmaker.

I'm feeling good today because I'm going to learn more about the computer.


I like being a member. I am 26 and joined Freewheelers when I was 19. I like drama, I like acting. I like meeting people and to get more confident in myself. And I have. I don't like big crowds but now I have come on, can do it now, go out on stage and do whatever. I couldn't years ago. I just like being involved.
For me, "Musicians" stands out. In some shows I get all worked up about it, but in that one I didn't. We all sat around in a circle, as an orchestra, the Leatherhead Symphony Orchestra. I was a drummer boy. We mimed the instruments. We had to be in time with the music. We 'played' Tchaikovsky.