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That's me on the right

that sinking feeling

that sinking feeling

Everyone here at The Bridge are doing really well in the New Year. We have had one extra person has joined us, her name is Demi. This is her third week, she's here to join the dance group. She is young which is an advantage, so she will have time to learn what we do here. We welcome her and hope she does well with the dance group.
In my drama group we are doing a piece about camping. The group is bigger than before, we are around fifteen people, walkers rather than wheelchair users. Most were with the Play In A Week group so we are familiar with each other.
I've just mentioned to Chris that I want to help with the camera crew a bit more and learn about what's going on with the group there. I will go under somebody else's wing, to observe the equipment and what generally goes on when they are filming.

Things have been going really well with the drama sessions. A lot has happened! My group have worked really hard. Each rehearsal they have done really well-always cooperating with each other. I have been helping them create storyboards, with script prompting and creative movements that would help how they would stand out in front of an audience. There is also a lot of improvisation throughout the sessions-in between the actual work, which helps keep the adrenalin going and gives us a better response to it. It is now the 18th December and we are perfoming today (alongside other pieces) I am really excited. It has taken 12 weeks to complete-it began way back in September! Every week I have really looked forward to these sessions. Next year there will be new people and a new project which I am looking forward to. Christmas is always something to be excited about and it wont be a lonely christmas-I will be with my friends and family. Merry Christmas to all and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Yesterday we had a visitor called Matthew Dean. He is an animator and he showed the group his stuff and we showed him some of ours - including the latest film that has our new logo. We have exchanged thoughts. Later on in the afternoon we did a bit of filming, which took a bit of time for Matthew to set up. But in the end it turned out very well and everyone enjoyed the day. I am interested in what you can do with objects and with people when doing animation from a laptop. It opened up thoughts about what the guys can do later on with the help of Chris (Crane). I would also like to film one of the drama sessions I lead, perhaps nearer to the dress rehearsal for example. The actual performance is on December 18th, for friends and relatives, here at The Bridge.

Today we had a group of four people who joined us from ExxonMobil, Joy, Stella, John and Ed. They came for the whole day and we got them involved with making a short film about "Hands". Part of the day was spent working as a large group with everyone, and for other bits we split up into pairs and were given a line each from a poem written by Sam Ruffles and asked to create tableaus which were then blown up as shadows onto a projected white screen. this screen was then filmed using a new camera very generously donated to the Freewheelers by ExxonMobile.
It was a great day for everyone, and we are all looking forward to editing the film and seeing the crew from ExxonMobil again at a screening of the finished piece.

I've been running drama workshops on a Tuesday for the last couple of weeks.
We are creating a play about things that happened 'on the beach'. I decided to try having time go backwards. We will explore what happened over the previous two or three days starting with someone unpacking their stuff after a day on the beach.

Today I joined in with Andrea Allen session, dance and movement. We were split up into groups, each had to do a duet and I teamed up with Sonas and worked on a little something to show everyone else. I thought it was very nice.
Doing this sort of work helps send away worries. It will help you appreciate being around other people, in general. It brings out all sorts of thoughts in your mind, what you can do. Apart from awareness of other people, it engages your attention to the audience when you do a performance. At the moment I am doing training for teaching drama directing. I have a workshop coming up when I will be leading the class, with Brandon's support, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Hi Folks
Here a little say from yours truly,
Since working with the Freewheelers at the Bridge Centre I'm very pleased that everyone is doing so well on their projects each week with Andrea & Brandon when I arrive, I do see lots happiness all around. It is wonderful to meet old and new friends too. We have a Media session that is doing great and is heplful to the group.
well done to you all! Vince Llloyd
(Freewheelers Company Director)

So far this morning at drama has been excellent: people have done so well with their dancing and projects. Earlier on shortly after I arrived, I said hello to some people ... I was involved in an interview with an organisational health check consultant, alongside Peter. It went very well. Vivienne will be the next person to be interviewed.

I am now one of the new Freewheelers directors. Peter Messer is also a director and my right hand man; Brandon is the artistic director. My position is a fairly new one. I am looking forward to being one of the mentors in time to come, as I did before when we were at the Development Centre. I took some of the sessions when Vivienne couldn't attend the Centre.
My favourite roles were in Brokenville and WYSIWYG in which I played the main character.
Now I live in a group home in Worcester Park; before I had a flat at the Development Centre. It was time to move on.