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Our new show is coming up Thursday. YCIITU. I am ready for it.
We are thinking about doing a project about an old people's home and I am going to be the tea lady, Mrs Nice. I am also planning to do a documentary about my life, what school I went to, what colleges, and so on.


I am doing a dance project, it is West Side Story ! I am putting together the fight scene and gradually getting through it. The whole thing will be filmed in only four shots ... I am really enjoying putting some dance together.
We are putting on the Dance & Media Show at Epsom in July, we are rehearsing for that, going over and over the dances. It is hard work but going well.
I am also making a three-shot film with Sam and Rachel, it is a chase dance ... we are fully focussed on getting our target. We have her sussed.

EARTHRISE - two in a week

I did a performance at Leatherhead, it was a great show. "Earthrise" was a dance piece that the company put together and the audience very much enjoyed it. Dancing is in another world, you are in that place, it's good to perform

A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do

I have got a show coming up with the Freewheelers with the choir of children from St Peter's in Ashtead. We are putting on Earth Rise at the Leather head Theatre on 21 October. I support Chelsea. Shame about Newcastle. We're the best. Just joking.


I have been practising a play called EARTHRISE - I am doing a dance in it with a kite - I am actually the kite ! This is my first time as a kite. It's going well, I'm really enjoying it.
I filmed Rachel's dance workshops at the Development Centre.
It was very interesting to do, I learnt how to take shots and how to get round people when they are moving. We have not editing the footage yet. They looked after me, they gave me cups of coffee and a biscuit. They were chocolate too. Yummy.
We are making a transport film and my taxi costs 35 for a return trip if I want to go to church. It's just gone up from 25. I tried to join Diial-A-Ride but they have a problem with drivers so I cannot actually join them now.
I've just been on a dance workshop with Helen Louise. Rachel and I have been asked to dance again with Helen Louise at her place, Lockwood. Possibly June and October.


In two weeks I am going to be choreographing a piece for seven dancers which I am really looking forward to. They have 'said' to me that they are looking forward to it too.


I interviewed an MP, Sir Paul Beresford, about the difficulties of transport - companies don't always communicate well in letting you know if they can come. We filmed this interview and he told us about what he understands. It was really good being the interviewer. I found it hard to put across what I was trying to get out of him.

I think I have achieved a lot on the technical side in the media workshops, working with the camera particularly, filming the whole company taking part together. We work together as a very good team. We enjoy what we do. We have become very professional. This week for instance I am making contact with our local MP about being in our transport film.

I did a dance with StopGap today. Philip, who is a member of the StopGap dance company, it was great to work with him again. It has been a nice three weeks working on that piece, as a group and individually. It was so nice to do a piece with StopGap and with all the moves we did in warmup.

I was Cinderella in Dreamstalk and I sang in it too. I used a script and it went fine. The singing I quite enjoyed. I was also Harp which meant singing 'La-La'La' to a well known tune that I can't remember at the moment ! Andrew Marber was Jack and Rachel was the mirror, and they were good together. Everyone was good. I partnered up with Anna for a musical sequence with the Harp ... this was a good change to last time and woprked really well. It touched some deeply, I saw tears (of joy) in others.
It felt strange performing at the Development Centre again. We've moved to the The Bridge in Leatherhead now and it was nice to be back at the Centre, but it was funny performing there since we have moved on. The audience really enjoyed it; they came up to us and said they enjoyed it.
After the performance we showed them the film of what we have done at the Bridge, which they also liked. It was great to have NIcky back with us for the show.
We have some people leaving - some of whom come back to us, and some new people coming to us.

I love coming to Freewheelers and the dance in particular. Dancing, singing, performing and acting - I love them all. If I had a choice, I'd do singing and dancing, definitely.
Thirteen years I've been a Freewheeler. I even remember "Aladdin" which was performed in 1989. Next week I am in Play In A Week as a performer.
In the media workshops I am making a film, a promo about how dancing makes me feel.