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news and pictures from our recent JAI event

The Jesus Arena International (JAI) annual convention was held at New Cross Road on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of October 2005.
The aims and objectives of the convention was to spread the word of Jesus and the Christain faith, and how the power of the word of God can heal the soul, the spirit and the body.
The Christian message of salvation, which gives eternal life, was heard by the people who were healed, and who later came back to testify to the spiritual healing of the Lord.
The testimonies of the sick included a lady who was healed on the issue of blood. Another lady who had a knee-cap problem was healed, and a third lady, who had cancer of the uterus received healing.
The event was filmed as part of the training course which the Sierra Leone Community Forum (SLCF) is undertaking in partnership with the Community TV Trust, and it is currently being edited for future viewing on this site.
In excess of two hundred people attended the two-day event which was a great success for all involved including the trainee Documentary makers of the Sierra Leone Community Forum.