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There was one particular lady who came along on the Saturday to the prayer meeting. Although she had been invited by a friend she was initially quite reluctant to come along. She had been working, and after work she was extremely tired and had decided that she would wind down for the day and stay at home.

This lady had been suffering from a blood issue for a long time. For seven to eight months she had suffered continuous menstruation and her daily life had been hindered by the regularity of having to change her sanitary towel because of this condition. Understandably the condition was getting the lady down, leading to depression, and great sadness.

Her life changed this particular day because, by chance or otherwise,her landlord made a visit to her home to collect the money for the rent.
The lady expressed to the landlord that she was tired after a hard days work and requested that the payment be paid to him the following day, but he was insistent.

Because of his insistance the lady explained that she needed to take a shower and freshen herself up, and change from her work clothes before she went out to the cashpoint to collect the money. The landlord had offered to wait and give the lady a lift in his car, which is precisely what happened.

When the lady had taken the money from the cashpoint and paid the landlord she then decided that she would, after all, go along to the JAI Convention and say a prayer to the Lord in the hope that he may meet her at her point of need.
Whilst at the JAI Convention a man of healing from South Africa was speaking to the congregation via the telephone when he announced 'there is a woman in the room with a blood issue', and that she was to be healed in the name of Jesus.

The following day, on the Sunday, the second day of the JAI Convention, the lady returned to give testimony to the healing. She told how she had heard a voice that said to her "you don't need it anymore" in reference to her use of her sanitary towel.

Since that Saturday the lady with the blood issue has had no more blood on her sanitary towel...