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Sierra Leone people of Southwark and UK
Welcome to the Home Page for Sierra Leone Community Forum based in Southwark, South East London.

Our vision is to provide information and advice to asylum seekers and refugees about living in the UK.}

We aim to promote awareness among young people about their cultural background, and will show video clips of some of the activities we have done.
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News & Events

JAI Annual Convention

From the JAI Convention 2005
Currently a group of young people from our Forum is receiving media training from Community TV Trust. Funding was raised for this. The training takes place at the Southwark City Learning Centre in Camberwell, twice a week. They have all sorts of software and PCs and Mac computers with video editing.

We will be building this section of Southwark.TV with material from our young people on this training course.

After that, all sorts of things will appear here.