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Steam Control is a group of collaborating writers, sound and media artists, teachers and community workers. We use poetry, storytelling and multimedia to provoke new ways of perceiving, living, acting in and reacting to our community, with a focus on artistic innovation, empowerment, disability and mental health

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Steam Control at the V&A

The audio version of a poem/soundscape in Steam Control's CastWords One series is now on show at the V&A in London.
The Dead Dog was written by Nicola Field and performed by Clare Cameron, with a moving soundscape by Steven Brown. The piece was selected to be part of the Sound Design exhibit in the Collaborators: UK Design for Performance exhibition organised by the Society of British Theatre Designers at the V&A (until November 2008). You can hear this piece by clicking visiting our website at www.steamcontrol.org.uk, clicking on Exhibitions and following the signs for CastWords One.
Find out more about the whole exhibition at:

CastWords is a fusion of original writing, soundscape and visual art that promotes collaborative artistic practice and offers social empowerment through a new and contemporary form of expression and communication. It was devised as a versatile tool to be used in educational/social support/therapeutic settings, podcasting, theatrical presentation, gallery exhibition and installation.
Why Won't You Tell Me? is the first CastWords collection that 'visits dangerous places and unnameable fears... in words and sounds that will dislocate the heart'. Visit our Exhibition pages to see the full collection.
The next collections in CastWords, Soundings from Deep in the Well (exploring experiences of mental health services) and Melting into Air (a sequence interpreting the hidden messages of dreams) are in development and scheduled to be presented at X'08 - The London International Disability Film Festival 2008 - and Get London Reading 2008.
Steam Control at X'08: the 8th London International Disability Film Festival,
14-17 February 2008

Steam Control will present Why Won't You Tell Me? plus work in progress from its forthcoming Castwords series Melting Into Air and Soundings From Deep In The Well, as well as a new landscape/poetry/sound piece from digital artist Robert Youngson and poet Laurence Quant. The screenings will take place at 1pm on Sunday 17th Feb. Watch this space for more info and updates as they emerge.

Steam Control at the Peckham Literary Festival, November 2007

Some 85 good-natured and enthusiastic people crammed into the minimalist white space of the Sassoon Gallery on 17th November to experience the multi-sensory literary and multimedia works on offer from Steam Control, in association with Listen Hear Sound Projects.

The programme was:
Why Won’t You Tell Me? - a series of five poems, soundscapes, videos and digital images which form the first in Steam Control’s CastWords project. The series features the work of writer/media artist Nicola Field, actor Clare Cameron and soundscape composers Steven Brown and Fari Bradley
Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone read her strange dream-story of family dysfunction, Carousel
Heidi James gave an electrifying fictional account of a stay in a psychiatric hospital, Battente
• Stand-up poet Rachel Pantechnicon astonished everyone with her surreal and virtuoso performance
Robert Youngson displayed his staggering and moving digital landscapes

Comments from people who came to the show:
“Refreshing to see new work and see writers present their work. Great to have a free art event for people to connect with artists. Very accessible and non-threatening venue and atmosphere.”
“Good start to a potentially vast project. Art and disability? Eternal bedfellows and saviours (mutual). Keep going and I’ll keep coming back.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed it and it made my evening.”
“I enjoyed it very much and liked the variation between the tense feelings carried by some of the poems and the comedy after the break.”
“The evening event was wonderful – great venue, great people and great art.”
“I enjoyed it very much, it was intense, entertaining and diverse.”
“Congratulations on delivering a great and successful event.”