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StepForward in Southwark
Welcome to StepForward, support provider to vulnerable adults living in Southwark. This site contains all the information you need to access our services.

StepForward works with nearly 3,000 people who need support to live independently in their own homes. The services enable people to be part of and contribute to their communities and maximise their quality of life. 270 staff across London and the Midlands provide tailored support to older persons, people with mental health needs, people with learning disabilities, people with drug and alcohol issues, young people, teenage parents and women fleeing domestic violence. Support is provided to MHT tenants, tenants of other landlords and to owner occupiers through an award winning Care & Repair service.

StepForward is part of the Metropolitan Housing Partnership, (MHP). MHP is a family of seven successful businesses providing housing, regeneration, community and support services.
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Who can apply for the service?

Anyone aged 18-65 who is currently living in the London
borough of Southwark with the following support needs:

•Those living with a mental health diagnosis

•Those with a history of substance misuse

•Those with differing needs requiring support in various

•Young People

•Those with learning difficulties

How to access this service:

You must be referred by the Southwark Resettlement Team.

For more information about this service and how to apply for support please contact:

Sharon Smith
40 Lausanne road
SE15 2HU

Tel: 020-7639-7285


Southwark special needs unit
17-19 Bournemouth road

Aims of the service

This service provides support to vulnerable people with support needs in order to help them live independently within the community.

We value service user involvement and actively encourage your feedback in helping us to achieve quality services

Where is the support delivered?

This support is available to those living in independent accommodation within the London borough of Southwark.

You will be allocated a StepForward key worker who will work alongside you and your support team. Key working sessions will be conducted weekly, normally for around an hour.

A Support Worker will be on duty in the Southwark Office Monday to Friday between 09:00-17:00, in the event that your support worker is absent for any reason.

How we will work with you?

We will assist you to identify the support you need and how this can be delivered.

This will be done using a support plan, which we will review with you on a regular basis. This plan will identify any support measures put in place by us and other support agencies.

How long will the support last?

The support we provide will normally last up to two years.

When you feel confident about managing for yourself, we will review your status, and if and when appropriate withdraw our service in consultation with you.

What sort of support will be offered?

•Help in accessing mental and physical support and

•Help to find community resources and other cultural or
service specific facilities in your area.

•Assistance in order to claim the right benefits and
filling in relevant forms.

•Help with bills, managing debt and maximising your money.

•Advice on tenancy issues and managing your home.

•Support to access education, training, voluntary work and

•Advice and information on health.

•General life skills.

•Assistance with resettlement and move on options, when
you are ready to move on.