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The Sassoon Gallery aims to be a space that encourages artists from all spectrums of creative endeavours to hire out the gallery as a ‘site’ to produce, experiment and communicate with their practice. Essentially it is a space for people who want to create, not only in the literal sense of making artworks but rather in the tone of utilising The Sassoon Gallery as a state of “trans”. Whether this be transmitting, transformation, a transducer or transaction with the initial seeds that the site, as a foundation can offer to artists in and throughout the London area.

The Sassoon Gallery will also be producing its own shows intermittently throughout the year. As the gallery is situated underneath a reclaimed and re-activated space that was formally a railway arch, the Sassoon programme is inspired by this. It aims to bring environmental and participatory situations to both the audience and the artist making use of the space as a site of potentiality and possibilities.

Overall, the fusion of these elements will enable the gallery to aid as a much-needed space for people to make use of and be inspired by.
If you find this project for 2007 interesting please forward any proposals or ideas you may have to Danielle Admiss at info@thesassoongallery.co.uk
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