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U are blind, deaf or both ? This is for U

We started by burning a wheelchair to show what we thought of them. We went on to meet Dark Visor. Next we took to the air and flew a light aircraft over southern England.
Our agenda is broad, upbeat, positive, inclusive - and other suitable buzz words. Fill in as necessary:
--- buzz
--- buzz buzz buzzy buzz
--- tired now
Feel better already ?
--- NO.

Topwheel.TV is the place for irreverence, disability stuff, podcasts of enormous frivolity with (a) little useful information, some pictures and crazy videos and podcasts.
Disability isn't always understood, certainly not in an open and easy way. But while we try and get that changed, we can always look at ourselves and see if there's anything there that needs a tweak. Apart from the wheelchair, the TV aerial, and the cat's tail.

We have close ties with Freewheelers Theatre Company in particular, in fact they are really supportive of what we are trying to do. Community TV Trust and Southwark.TV have given us this webspace for the time being - so thanks to them too.

Please check in here regularly as we are about to start uploading our podcasts, which in terms of silly and energy are way out there. You might even catch a cogent idea in there somewhere, if you look hard.