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Peckham's Newest Theatre Company
RYE MUMMERS has been set up to perform Beckett's ENDGAME this summer 2013, at The Bussey Building on Rye Lane in Peckham.
Chris Haydon (Peckham), who directs ENDGAME, launched Southwark.TV in 2003 and is behind this new company. He is drawing on the talent pool in and around Peckham to assemble the team. They are
Peter Benedict [HAMM] (Peckham)
Ricci Harnett [CLOV] (East Dulwich)
Fiona Watson [NELL] (Peckham)
Billy Colvill [NAG] (Peckham)
Designer Peter Avery (Brixton) is known for his directing and design work with 1st Framework and Third Thought
Kamal Prashar (Peckham) joins the team as photographer, media and radio producer -
Rye Mummers have an eye on Resonance FM and are pitching a programme idea to tie in with this production.

See the RYE M NEWS page for further information on cast.

Rye Mummers have a one hour radio preview programme on Resonance 104.4FM, being broadcast on Monday 24 June at 8pm.

"Feckham, Peckham", as Lucky says in Waiting for Godot.
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Peckham is full of surprises these days - so it's quite natural that Samuel Beckett should make his way down the East London Line to play in W.G.Grace's cricket bat factory. Sam was after all something of a cricketer himself, appearing famously in Wisden, the cricketers' almanac, having turned out against MCC for his university.