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A community survey - the first of many

How do you feel about where you live?

Interviewer: Do you like where you live ?

Interviewee:Itís ok,but sometimes it can be boring.

Interviewer:Do you have many places where you can go after school?

Interviewee:Not many but we have an adventure playground where we live but it can get boring sometimes.

Interviewer:Would you like to see more places for the older the children to hang in?

Interviewee:Of course I would like to see more places because most of the stuff round the area because most of the places are for the little children and i dont think itís fare.

Interviewers Opinion
I think that the older children should have more activities it would keep them off the streets and stealing.The money that the council get to build the roads that donít need fixing should be spent on extra activites for children.