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Peckham Town Centre Information and Comment


In the two years since the last posting about the UDP and Peckham town centre, it has been discovered that the Council and TfL plan to demolish a large part of the town centre for a depot for the proposed Cross River Tram. This would be where most of the trams would be stabled, maintained and repaired. A new local group called Peckham Vision has emerged bringing together local residents, artists and businesses with the Peckham Society to seek information about the development plans for Peckham Town Centre, including the tram and tram depot, raise public awareness of these issues and stimulate an informed discussion about the future of Peckham. See www.peckhamvision.org for information about the campaign.
Email info@peckhamvision.org
with your name & address/neighbourhood to be included in the mailing list.

What the UDP Proposes for Peckham

The key parts on Peckham are to be found in

1. Section 9.3 Planning Guidance. (pages 29, 30).

2. Appendix 4, Proposals Site Schedule, sites 55P - 64P. (pp xiii - xiv)

3. The proposals map - the large map labelled 'Middle' showing all the UDP sites in the middle of the borough, including Peckham; it comes with each UDP.

Each proposed development site in the borough is numbered on the map; these are the numbers in the Site Schedule in Appx 4. Peckham sites are the last ones on the list in the Site Schedule, numbered 55P to 64P.

Current Uses and proposed changes are shown, in the Schedule, for each site; Uses are labelled A, B, C or D Use Classes, each of which has a few numbered subdivisions. The definitions of the Use Classes are all in the Glossary (at the end of the UDP under A,B,C or D).

You will see that the UDP proposes some major developments in central Rye Lane and around Bournemouth Road area, as well as further major redevelopment near the High Street. There are significant uncertainties about these plans because a decision about the route of the cross river tram will not be taken by Transport for London until November 2004 at the earliest. Other proposals on Peckham cover a wide range of aspects of the town centre including housing, retail, offices, public transport, car parking, open spaces, design, school, community and leisure uses.

We are working on some detailed commentary about the proposals, which we will email to residents who were at the workshop, and other residents who have expressed an interest in town centre matters.


Part Two of the UDP sets out the principles of planning policies which contribute to:

1. Tackling poverty & encouraging wealth creation
2. Life Chances - preserving & creating community assets
3. Clean & Green - protecting & improving environmental quality
4. Housing - creating choice & quality in housing
5. Sustainable transport.

All of these affect Peckham as much as they affect the rest of the borough.


The Planners will be in touch with everyone who puts in an objection to discuss it with them, and see if there is a mutually acceptable solution which may lead to the withdrawal of an objection. That process of discussion may continue over several months. In parallel the Peckham
Action Area Plan (PAAP) will be developed giving much more detail about the issues covered in the UDP and other aspects as well. This process is likely to begin in July with a joint meeting of the two Community Councils for Peckham, date and venue to be confirmed.

That meeting, involving the public as well, will discuss the issues for Peckham and what the consultation process should be, and also decide the timetable of events for the rest of the PAAP process. There will be several stages in this, and the timetable for them all will be much
clearer after the July meeting. The outline timetable (provisional after 25 June) is:

25 June deadline for objections/comments to UDP

July joint meeting of both Peckham Community Councils to discuss:
1. key issues to include in draft PAAP
2. process for agreeing draft PAAP
3. plan for public consultation on draft PAAP

July/August comments, discussions, meetings on emerging draft PAAP leading to both Community Councils agreeing final draft for public consultation

Autumn : public consultation on draft PAAP,
for 3-6 months (in parallel with discussions between Planners & individual UDP objectors to see if agreement can be reached.)

?Early 2005? Council agreement on final PAAP

?Spring 2005? Public Inquiry on UDP

We will continue to keep you informed on these processes.

Comments on the UDP by the Bellenden Residents Group

Click on the more button to read a detailed critique of the UDP plan for the Peckham Town Centre.
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