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Bellenden Renewal Scheme
The Bellenden Renewal Scheme is a 10 year regeneration programme,1997
to 2007. There have been a number of striking visual successes which
have generated much local and national media coverage. There have also
though been a number of less visible problems which have had next to no
publicity. The BRG asked for a Council Scrutiny to try to get some
resolution and to ensure the Council could learn the relevant lessons.

This Scrutiny began in November 2004. The BRG and local residents gave evidence
on 7 December 2004. The third and final meeting was on 25 January 2005.
The report is now being drafted.

Three papers have been submitted. These are:

Living with the Bellenden Renewal Scheme - an overview
Bellenden Renewal Scheme - emerging issues.
History of the Bellenden Renewal Scheme with BRG Newsletter extracts

Click on the name to see a copy of the paper.

Letters to the Scrutiny from residents were submitted to the Committee,
and they can be found in the papers for the 25 January meeting
on the Council's website:


Minutes of the meetings