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BRG News


Last year a number of us had a thoroughly enjoyable time carol singing at Peckham Rye station, Bar Story and other places in Bellenden. And lots of people coming through the station, or having their meals in local restaurants, enjoyed it and joined in!
We are repeating it this year on two evenings. If you like singing do come along one or both evenings and join us:

Outside the Review Bookshop in Bellenden Road, at Choumert Road junction and possibly also in or outside the Wishing Well and the Peckham

MONDAY 18TH DECEMBER from 5.30pm
At Peckham Rye station, moving on to Bar Story

Carol sheets will be provided. Open to people of any religion or none. If you would like to know more, email Rosemary on or phone 020 7639 3140.
Donations will be for the Bellenden Residents' Group towards our costs and our fund raising efforts.

best wishes

Bellenden Residents' Group

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Oglander Pub Planning appclation

4 August 2006

This is another planning application in Bellenden to convert a small
site into a lot of small flats. The accumulated effects of what seem to
be a never ending stream of over-devlopments of small sites puts a
strain on local services. This is in addition to a number of large
developments in and around the area. The Planning Department does not
appear to take any note of the numbers of extra dwellings in a
neighbourhood and take that into account in assessing the individual
planning applications. Click for more details.
  16/8/2006            more    

Lap dancing in Peckham

success for now & licensing review

30 July 2006

An application for a license to open a 24 hour club in Peckham High Street, offering table damning
and lap dancing, was withdrawn after much local opposition led by the Bellenden Residents' Group
with The Lane ward Councillor Susan Jones. But it might come back if the current review of
Licensing Policy doesn't find a way to rule them out in local neighbourhoods. Public comments for
the review need to be in before 30 September) 2006. Click for more details.
  16/8/2006            more    

Bellenden Summer Garden Party

9 July 2006

Click here to read about the successful Garden Party at the Wildlife
Gardening Centre in Marsden Road, Bellenden on 9 July 2006.
  16/8/2006            more    


10th February 2005

The Housing Scrutiny Committee is now deliberating on its report on the Bellenden Renewal Scrutiny, which will be put to the Executive in draft at the beginning of March (and then be available on the Council
website). The Executive will consider the lessons from the Scrutiny when taking decisions about whether to start a Renewal Scheme in East Peckham and/or Nunhead. Click on Bellenden Renewal Scheme for further information about the Scrutiny.


July 2004.

The Council's UDP (10 year statutory Unitary Development Plan) is currently being developed. In the Autumn of 2004 the Council will be publishing its responses to the objections it received during May to July on the second draft UDP. There will then be a further consultation on the third draft. Remaining objections will be heard at a public inquiry to be held in Spring 2005.

The BRG comments focussed on section 9.3 in Part One of the UDP which outlined the plan for Peckham town centre. Click on Peckham Town Centre to see a copy of the BRG comments. There are some significant objections, and the BRG hopes to stimulate further local discussion throughout Peckham on these over the coming months. Anyone who wishes to contribute should email the BRG and tell us which aspects they are interested in.