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News about Bethlehem
Check News [5th July] for latest on the Wall around Bethlehem. Israel is planning a new settlement whilst usurping a holy site.

Community TV Trust has links with three organisations in Bethlehem: International Center of Bethlehem, Dheisheh Refugee Camp and Bethlehem TV.

All three feature in Chris Haydon's film "Oh Little Town" which was first broadcast on Community Channel in the UK over Christmas 2004. The film is a clear portrait of the nature and quality of life in this most famour town, in the midst of Israeli oppression brought about by the second intifada.

The International Center of Bethlehem delivers events and training to people in the town and area.

Its principal aim is to 'give voice to the voiceless'.

The International Center of Bethlehem is concerned with resurrecting not only buildings, but also the Palestinian community as a whole.†
A commitment to engage the local community to assume a proactive role in shaping their future is at the heart of the Centerís work.† Through empowering the local community, training future leaders, and developing human resources, the ICB actively promotes the building of a civil society in Palestine.

As a cultural center, the ICB is committed to strengthening the Palestinian identity, cultivating artistic talent, and facilitating intercultural encounter.

We will be presenting more on this website as soon as we can.

Here is a link to a trilingual news website covering Israel and Palestine in Hebrew, English and Arabic:

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Open Bethlehem
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There are public lectures, debates, performances, plays, art and video installations, a craft shop, ceramics, glass blowing ... and a programme of training for young people.

The Bright Stars Program offers Karate Training
among other things ...

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