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220 Farmers Road
Tel: 0207 793 1083

Wednesday 15th March, 2006
6.30 – 9.00 pm


The open evening is a chance for guests to come and see the centre and what it has to offer as a dynamic community space, with various arts performance and workshop demonstrations, a healthy buffet and a question and answer session taking place.

The Synergy Centre has been conceived to offer educational courses and work-based learning opportunities focusing on the ‘creative and cultural industries.’ As well as currently incubating several projects that will culminate in pioneering community youth events, Synergy is seeking to work in partnership with local agencies and community groups to tackle the growing problem of anti-social behaviour by offering local young people more constructive outlets for their creative energies.

Jo Clarkson
Synergy Centre Outreach
& The Synergy Centre Volunteer Team

Leaseholders 'used as cash point

Ms Harman says a breakdown of charges should be given
Leaseholders are being used by one London council as a cash point, according to MP Harriet Harman.
The Solicitor General and MP for Camberwell and Peckham says Southwark Council is overcharging for maintenance and repairs.

She says on the Clifton Estate the typical annual charge has risen from £500 in 2002/3 to £1,400 in 2004/5.

The council says the rises have come in as previous prices were inadequate and current prices are value for money.

Ms Harman also says Southwark does not give leaseholders a breakdown of where their cash is going.

'Value for money'

Councillor Steven Flannery said the council did not have the facilities to give details of what the money was being spent on, but said the prices included a recent rise in gas as well as lights, cleaning and door entry systems.

He said: "It is true that in previous years these costs have been substantially less but that hasn't been an accurate reflection of the cost associated with the services leaseholders are receiving.

"It's very much both value for money and it is a fair reflection of the cost for us providing them.

Ms Harman said: "For the council to say 'it is good value for money but we can't tell the leaseholders what it is they are paying for because we haven't actually got the details' just proves the leaseholders' point.

"What's happening is the council is just using these leaseholders as a cash point - they're using them like a hole in the wall.

"There's 11,000 of them and every year they can just have a demand slapped on them - this is how much money we want you to give us."



Camberwell to stage anti-racist event

An anti-racist music festival is to be held in Camberwell.
Fame Academy finalist Lemar is just one of the acts to perform at Rise - a free music event to be held on 16 July.

The festival - backed by the Mayor of London and the National Assembly Against Racism - will be held in Burgess Park, Camberwell.

The Mayor said: "Whatever community we belong to, we should come together to send a clear signal that racism will not be tolerated in London."

Milena Buyum, co-ordinator for National Assembly Against Racism, said: "Rise will continue the essential contribution to fighting racism through the celebration of London's amazing diversity that the Rise festival has achieved for four years in a row.

"As the number of racist attacks in London are reduced, Rise will be a true festival of multicultural Britain and help drive back further the racists."

Other acts include British soul-jazz artist Eska and Jamaican singer Horace Andy, with other acts to be announced.


Profiles: Turner Prize nominee from Camberwell

Gillian Carnegie works within the traditional genres of landscape, still life, nude and portraiture, using a variety of subjects.

She was born in 1971 and studied at Camberwell College of Art, going on to gain an MA in painting at the Royal College of Art.

Carnegie represents the first painter to be shortlisted in five years
Despite her classical training and methods, Carnegie is often exhibited alongside conceptual artists

Turner Prize judge Louisa Buck said Carnegie's paintings were as "much about the act of painting itself and what the stuff of paint can be made to say and do regardless of subject matter".

She often works in a series, one still life of flowers being revisited again and again as they decay over time.

Carnegie has exhibited in London, New York and Italy.
(BBC News)

"Key Scratch Artist" admits Hoax

Mr McGowan apologised for the stunt
An artist who claimed to have vandalised nearly 50 cars in the name of art has admitted it was a stunt.
Mark McGowan, 37, said he had taken pictures of himself scratching vehicles' paintwork as part of a project.

But the London performance artist has since admitted the cars were already "keyed" and the photos were "staged".

He said it had been an art project that had gone "horribly wrong" and said he was "very, very sorry".

"I never keyed any cars...the whole thing has just been a nightmare," he added.

At least I've shown people do care about car crime

Mark McGowan
"All I wanted to do was highlight the plight of people who have had their cars scratched, which has somehow spiralled out of control.

"My family and friends have shunned me and someone rang into a radio show and said they wanted to rip my head off.

"But at least I've shown people do care about car crime."

Mr McGowan said the cars in two of the pictures, taken for his latest exhibition, belonged to his brother-in-law and a barmaid from a pub in Camberwell, south London, and had already been scratched.

The Met police had said on Monday that if any criminal allegations were made they would be investigated. BBC News

Mr McGowan's latest project is just one of many bizarre stunts by the artist who describes himself as "the British alternative to David Blaine".

In 2003, he used his nose to push a monkey nut seven miles to 10 Downing Street in protest against student debt.

He also rolled on pavements for four miles across London singing Christmas carols to highlight the work of office cleaners.


Camberwell Arts and Crafts Market

Camberwell Community Forum is looking to establish an Arts and Crafts Market in Camberwell. The plan is for 25 plus units to be established where Camberwell’s artists and artisans can offer their work for sale. Fine foods may also be made available along side antiques. Although still in the planning stage, it is hoped that the Market can help regenerate Camberwell as a shopping centre.

If you wish to feedback to the proposal with any comments please let us know, by sending an e-mail to camberwelforum@aol.com .

It is hoped that an update will be posted soon on any follow up to this exciting project.

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