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New photography from Castle Arts photographer Robert Richardson is on display in the Piano Room at Castle Resource from November 18th 2009 until early 2010. The photographs document Kew Gardens during this wonderful autumn, 2009.

Robert's digital photographs highlight the colour, light and variety of Kew at this special time of year, and his work particularly displays a wonderful sensitivity to its environment, with an awareness of truth in nature.

As viewing times are varied please call 020 7525 3477 before you visit, or e.mail pc-castleresource@together-uk.org


The new 'blockbuster' exhibition at Tate Modern, POP LIFE: Art In A Material World provided a fun, positive and mixed experience for Castle Arts recently. Providing a unique chance to see Tracey Emin, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol in one exhibition, the show immediately hits you as you enter, with colour, disco-lit room and music. Not your average start to a serious exhibition.

Hirst's diamonds gleam of the wall, whilst Takashi Murakami's room is a (pop) visual feast. The post-exhibition talk centred on the upbeat nature of the show, and the creative imagination involved in producing this work, and we all commented on how, though with different thoughts on the different pieces of work, we felt very uplifted by this exhibition.


The current production of Annie Get Your Gun at Young Vic provided an enjoyable theatre treat to Castle Arts regular and not-so-regular theatre goers last week. The wonderful Irving Berlin score, the really fabulous Jane Horrocks and the intimacy of this adaptable theatre meant songs were being sung days after the peformance. An SE1 treat.


Castle Arts most recent visit to Tate Modern gave us an oportunity to see the Per Kirkeby exhibition. Huts, use of colour, and nature were all dominant in this modern Danish painter's work. Individuals were impressed and not so impressed. As one member said "if he can get away with it gives me hope". The fact that you may visit something and not like the work can also be a spur for doing your own work.

The colours in the later rooms were very bold, and the paintings give plenty of room for reflection. His watercolours offered a different understanding of his work, and in general this exhibition was of interest and something quite different, if not to everyone's taste.


Castle Arts has recently been to two different productions at the Young Vic, courtesy of the Two Boroughs offer of free tickets to Southwark / Lambeth residents and groups.

BEEN SO LONG by Che Walker and Arthur Darvill was a modern musical, featuring the multi-talented Omar and Cat Simmons. A tale of love, revenge, rage and rare groove this was a well-acted fast-talking production, and the group found it an immensely enjoyable play.

The second play, The Girlfriend Experience by Alecky Blythe, deals with different types of relationships, having been crerated entirely from conversations recorded in a real life brothel. Castle Arts found this an interesting play, well acted and thought provoking. Currently still showing!


Seven members of Castle Arts will be exhibiting a diverse selection of art, ceramics and photography at Our Space Gallery, Together 12 Old St. EC1V 9BE May 13th - June 19th 2009.
A private view will be held on May 12th, contact amy-mckelvie@together-uk.org for further details.

Hastings,Heathside(Wandsworth), Reading, Sheppey and Sittingbourne Resources will also be exhibiting their work. See www.together-uk.org for times and directions.


As part of WELLBEING WEEK 2009, Together invites you to an evening of music to celebrate the value of wellbeing. In association with Upbeat some of London's most talented service-user musicians will be taking to the stage to promote the significance of music in maintaining postive mental wellbeing.

Event: Thursday 12th March 2009 6-8pm Free

Venue: Together Our Space Gallery 12 Old St. EC1V 9BE

For more information e.mail sian-wynne@together-uk.org


TAKE TO ART is an exhibition of ground-breaking artwork created by patients at Ashworth Hospital, one of only three high secure hospitals in the country.

Much of the work on display will be abstract paintings with additional pieces created using stained glass, multi-media techniques, ceramics and digital enhancements.

The exhibition is a collaborative partnership between Mersey Care's High Secure service and Together: Working for Wellbeing's advocacy service based at Ashworth Hospital. The artwork displayed has seldom been seen outside the hospital itself.

For Private View 5th March 2009 please contact Vicky Kington on 0207780 7444 or e.mail victoria-kington@together-uk.org

The exhibition is open from 6th March - 6th April 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and 12-3pm Sat 7th and 14th March and Sunday 8th and 15th March.


Survivors Poetry and Together: Working for Wellbeing are hosting an evening of readings by leading poets concerned with wellbeing, mental health and happiness.

The events takes plaace at Foyles bookshop, 113-119 Charring Cross Road, London WC2H 0EB. 5.45pm for 6pm until 8.30pm. 10 entry on the door, 5 for people on beneifts and students, proceeds to support the work of Together and Survivors Poetry.

Check www.together-uk.org for the wellbeing week of events Mar 9-13th and further information about this event.



Nuala Hamilton, photographer and percussionist, and member of Castle Arts and Creative Routes, gave a talk at the Rothko exhibition on Monday January 12th 2009. Nuala spoke with Liz Ellis from Community Education Tate Modern.

Nuala started the session with percussion, before talking about how her interest in photography started, Castle Arts workshops at Tate Modern, her involvement in Creative Routes, and how Rothko's use of black - or unexpected colour - is currently influencing her photographic practice.

Nuala shared examples of her photography and sketchbook to the 25 people squeezed into Room 5 in the Rothko exhibition, prior to a Question and Answer session. The Q and A raised a number of questions - and answers! - relating to how people learn, and how people put into practice information and knowledge they gain in workshops. An inspirational and dare we say colourful evening all round.


Tate Modern's new Energy and Process Rooms Level 5 provided wonderful 'food for thought' and a visual feast when Castle Arts visited on Friday June 17th 2009. The group found the Arte Povera sculptures of the late 1960's - using a diverse range of everyday materials, some industrial, some organic - a fascinating starting point for discussion. Beginning with Mario Merz 'Cone' - what is is for, what does it mean? - discussion of the materials used and why reverberated around Room 3. Artist Janis Kounellis use of everyday materials in Room 10 continued to provoke debate.

Walking Artist Hamish Fulton 'Arkle Sutherland' in Room 8 offered quiet reflection at first, then heated discussion on what is a walking artist, is he/she not a photographer with a different title? No answers on a postcard please! However the piece itself gave everyone a chance to catch breath and admire the beauty of the composition.

In the same room Keith Arnett's Self Burial (Televison Interference Project), perhaps suprisingly, provided great amusement. We then went on to Room 7 where Anselm Keifer 'Palm Sunday' offered visual and biblical interest. as well as comments about colour, materials and how did they get the tree in here? A fascinating collection of work, well worth a FREE visit, let us know what you think if you go.


Castle Arts final workshop at Tate Modern for 2008, with Eden Solomon from Tate Community and Education, provided another stimulating and challenging experience today.

The first piece, LILITH by ANSELM KEIFER, ROOM 6, POETRY AND DREAM LEVEL 3 , is initially quite daunting, both in its size and the materials used. However group discussion provided unique and interesting ideas as to what the piece could be about, and how we initially responded to it. Our interest was further engaged by some unusual materials and objects handed out by Eden.

From LILITH to OASIS (C.D.F.) by the Polish artist MIROSLAW BALKA, ( Room 7 Poetry and Dream ) may only be a few steps away but in density and appearance there is a huge gap between the two. This piece is quite fascinating, encouraging various viewpoints within the group. Like LILITH, OASIS benefits from the viewer spending some time (we sat, free chairs are available!) with the work.

Contemporary paintings - ROOM 6 MATERIALS AND GESTURES LEVEL 3 - gave us some insight into how art is changing, and in particular, the different materials used in 'painting' today. Whilst CHRIS OFILI'S NO WOMAN NO CRY uses photographs and elephant dung to imaginative effect, MARK BRADFORD'S vibrant LOS MUCHOS brings a whole new meaning to using whatever is at hand in the office. Strangely it also brought us back full circle to ANSELM KEIFER, with LOS MUCHOS AND LILITH both having a sense of explosion and change.

All pieces today are recommended. If you have any views on these please do share with us.


This photographic exhibition of Devon's life, a person with a mental illness, taken over four years by photographer Kris Allan is a photographic achievement. The photographs manage to be personal, sensitive, everyday and unique, documenting the many facets of Devon's life. The exhibition is at 'The Lower Ground Space', London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle from December 8th-23rd 2008 and Jan 4th -7th 2009 10am-6pm.


As part of ELEFEST 2008, the annual creative festival of Elephant and Castle 19th Sept - 28th Sept 2008, Castle Arts is holding an open afternoon on Monday 22nd Sept 2-4pm, followed by a walk, FROM PULLENS TO PREFABS, around the local area from 4-5.30pm.

We will be exhibiting Urban Elephant, photographs of the changing urban landscape by Ena Niles and Wenham Wright. (see Urban Elephant for review) Plus paintings by Paul Turner, photographs by Nuala Hamilton and Robert Richardson, and Access Art - new work by Access Art group. There will also be a showing of the acclaimed Castle Arts video Secret Space.

The walk, FROM PULLENS TO PREFABS, will focus on new and old buildings in the area, as featured in Urban Elephant. Free, please book 0207 525 3477.



The Mind's Eye is a free exhbition of photography featuring 'Devon - A Sound Mind' The photographs by Kris Allan give a portrait of a person's life with mental illness, taken over a four year period. A photographic achievement, personal and informative.

Westminster Reference Library 35 St Martin's ST. WC2H 7HP (nr.Leicester Sq.)
Sat 23rd Aug - Sat 6th Sept

Putney Library 5-7 Disraeli Rd. SW15 2DR
October 2008


From workshops held at Tate Modern with Liz Ellis, Learning and Education, Castle Arts became more familiar with work that may / or may have not passed us by. Discussion in a group by 6 /7 people highlighted very different responses to the art work, giving new insight and valuable appreciation of the work. It also introduced us to pieces we may have walked by quickly without giving ourselves time to respond, something we can all relate to!

All the following are FREE, and worth checking

Poetry and Dream Level 3

Man Ray Pisces
Eileen Agar Autobiography of An Embryo
Francis Picabia Portrait of a Doctor
Cornelia Parker Thirty Pieces Of Silver

Ideas and Objects Level 5

Joseph Beuys The Pack

As the collection changes regularly we apologise in advance if any of these pieces have been removed. If that is the case please choose a piece of your own and let us know!


Castle Arts had an interesting, almost overwhemling, time recently at Tate Modern's Street and Studio: An Urban History of Photgraphy exhibition. Some of the work was described as challenging and distressing. Several photographs were chosen by memebers as subject for debate:

Diane Arbus A Child Crying
Chris Kilp Torso
Jeff Wall The Arrest
Philippe Hatsman Edward Steicher (Jump series)
Philip-Lorca di Corcia Head No 8

The discussion of individual pieces helped to give focus to such a large collection of photography. However as one person said, I can't explain but its fascinating!


Castle Arts are planning to be exhibiting work in Elefest Sept 20-28th. More details to follow.

A recent Castle Arts visit to The Coutauld Cezannes took place. Currently showing alongside the permanent Impressionist and Post- Impressionist paintings and drawings at the Coutauld this display of their entire Cezanne collection is stunning. The works on show produced much discussion, in particular about the quality of the paintings, the light and the wonderful composition. Highly recommended, on until October 5th 2008. 4 conc.