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Peer Education

Charterhouse in Southwark, runs a peer education programme, that over the last three years has trained up groups of young people in issues around drugs and sexual health. Peer education is a proven successful tool in passing on positive and useful information to young people and is a very useful and dynamic resource to tap into.

The peer education group has been to many different youth settings in Southwark and held successful and informative sessions, below are a list of some of the places they have held sessions.
Aylesbury youth centre.
Alford youth club,
Pickwick youth club,
Rockingham youth club
Walworth secondary school
Peckham youth carnival

The sessions covered a variety of subjects from sexual health, contraception to drugs. The group run three main sessions

1. CONTRACEPTION, which break down individual contraceptionís, the uses, benefits and side effects, services, attitudes and myths about contraception.
2. SEXUAL HELATH, which looks at sexually, transmitted infections, symptoms and
cures, where to go for treatment, attitudes and beliefs.
3. DRUGS- looking at drugs and attitudes towards them, whatís dangerous, what is
classed as a drug, illegal and legal drugs, consequences of drug taking on family,
Peer pressure and high risk situations.

The workshops use interactive quizzes, games and discussion, workshops can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your group, schools are more than welcome to approach us for services.
The young people involved in the project are aged between 15 and 20 years old and have completed an intensive training programme run by Charterhouse-in-Southwark.
The workshops are free to any organisation or school in the borough that provides a service to young people, if you are interested please contact Kat Francois or Alex Cerny project managers on 02073577733. If you have any queries or would like to discuss what we do further please do not hesitate to contact us.