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Arethusa Weekend
New entrance hall for Charter

Part of the Future Hear video and music project we ran recently.
Charterhouse Youth Club has been around for over 100 years and is still going strong. We are open 4 nights a week with different things happening.

The Charterhouse Youth Club timetable

Monday - Media and Youth Club - 6.30-9PM
Tuesday - Open Youth Club - 6.30-9PM -
CD Music Project - 6.30-9PM
Thursday - Open Youth Club - 6.30-9PM
Friday - Beormund Youth Club - 3.30-5PM

Mondays, currently we are not open.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are open from 6.30 to 9PM to all young people aged between 11 and 19. These are regular youth club nights where you can come and take part in various activities. There is all the usual stuff like pool, table tennis and computers but we also do different stuff. There has been cooking sessions, singing workshops, workshops around various important issues like drugs and sexual health and we are very open to new ideas from young people. we have been running an art project on Thursdays and are in the process of producing a massive peice of art in teh main hall based around the members heroes. We also have a really nice staff team who are there for you, so if you have any worries, there is a freindly face to help and support you and help you get information if you need.

On Wednesday evenings, we have the Charterhouse Music Project where young people can come and go through the whole process of writing and recording a whole CD. Isa and Fitz are there to guide you through the whole affair so you dont need any experience, just a keenness to produce your own stuff.

Other stuff going on at Charter includes:

The Beormund After School Youth club for children from Beormund Special Needs School. If you would like to volunteer at this project, please give us a call.

DAP, a Peer Education Project around the issues of Drugs and Sexual Health

Charterhouse in Southwark is a registered charity: number 208785