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The Healthy Eating Team at Goose Green

Sizzling smoothies

Cut up some strawberry and banana [ ask an adult ]

Put them in a blender [be careful]
Get a smoothie glass or cup
Pour into glass or cup
  7/7/2010            more    

What we have been doing in the healthy eating team

In the healthy eating team I have very much liked seeing, the school watch what they eat and learn what’s not good for them and what is. Everyone in the team I would say has mostly enjoyed the workshop for parents and doing the power point presentation. I think it was a nice opportunity to do the kebabs at Goose Greens Got Talent and also helping younger and older children understand what they are eating in their pack lunch.

The poster designs were very nice and for how many we got we saw how much people were taking part in our topic. Over the terms I have took in a lot of information I never knew about our diet and what we eat and how it reacts inside our body but now I know , of the healthy eating team.

We made a parent workshop for adults that think that they need to give their children a healthier choice of food in the Childs pack lunch. Unfortunately we only had one though we do hope the next H.E.T (healthy eating team) will have many more parent workshops.

In order to introduce our self to the school we designed a power point for an assembly which showed what we were doing and why it was important for people to have a healthy pack lunch. During our time in the H.E.T we have done our very best to show why it is important to have a healthy lunch.

We did our power points for the school we did an animated power point for younger children and a non-animated for the older children and teachers but some of the words we didn’t understand so we had to do the power point again ‘’yes’’ it was a success not to advanced but not to animated and we enjoyed you helping us Kate and Mr Campbell thank you

Yours sincerely

The healthy Eating Team (H.E.T)

Blueberry Smoothies

Prepared in less than 30 minutes


175ml/6fl oz apple juice
120ml/4fl oz natural yoghurt
1 banana, peeled and roughly chopped
170g/6oz blueberries (defrosted if frozen)

Method Place the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
To serve, pour into glasses

Healthy versus Unhealthy presentation

Here is a presentation about healthy eating and unhealthy eating that we made.
  30/6/2010            more    

Healthy 4 Fruit Kebab

6 strawberries
¼ of melon
3 kiwi fruits
¼ watermelon (remove the seeds)
2 tablespoon sugar (optional)
Icing sugar for dusting (optional)
Juice of 1 lime
•Bamboo skewers - make sure that you trim the sharp ends of the sticks with scissors, especially if you are serving children.
Place the fruit on the trimmed sticks and drizzle on the lime and enjoy your healthy meal.
  30/6/2010            more    

Tips on the workshop for adults

Plan for Healthy Workshop

1) Introduce ourselves.
2) Show the pack lunch (Made before).
3) Ask for example of a pack lunch.
4) Get every parent to make they’re own pack lunch (pairs).
5) Make a few pack lunches (via Ideas).
6) Show them an example (Made whilst they’re making they’re healthy pack lunches).
7) Write down examples (via whiteboard, Parents paper).

What we have enjoyed in the healthy eating session.

We enjoyed coming up with ideas, coming together and communicating with each other.
The thing that I anwar was when we was discussing who had the best poster about healthy eating because we had to trust each other and each others opinion.

All as one we have enjoyed going out to get the prizes for the top three consistence and when the children that had became the top three getting their prizes it was one of the most the best feelings I have had for goose green children.