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the first blog on Southwark.TV


This is a game show with a positive message about dealing with things that aren't nice. The recession means some parents lose their jobs but ...


Here is our film about bullying in the skateboarding drama, Park Life, written by Chloe Wong.


Here's our film, "GANGS ON THE GREEN", about dancing and having a good time and not getting mixed up with the bad stuff. Chreography by us, ini'.

Film Project for DVD - update from Chloe

During the last couple of weeks, my group had been working on a project called Peckam Rye Skaters. We have developed a script and are now sorting out the schedule. In a few weeks we well begin filming.
In the first week, we focused on what we could base our project around (i.e talents, dancing, leisure and etc.) We decided that we should split into different groups consisting as many people as required.
In the second week, we split into two groups, one was the dance group and the other was the skateboarding group. In the time that we had left that week, we discussed what our film was going to be about. My group decided to base it around skateboarding and drama whilst the other group decided to base it around dancing. However, both groups decided to include a gang in their project.
The week following and we spoke more about what would happen in the script and who would volunteer to do which jobs.
Soon after, we decided on the parts of the drama script and which roles we would do. I became the director, editor and the writer, Mohamed, Mbarak and Carlton became the camera group, Mx was our designer with Harry and Javan was our sound man. In our script we had: Mohamed, Carlton, Mbarak and Javan as the gang and Max and Harry as the skateboarders.
A few weeks later, the dance group went to film the script as they were ready and they only had one setting to go to. Meanwhile, my group were discussing where we were going to go to film our drama, we decided that we would use Max's bedroom as the bedroom scenes (Scene two and seven); Peckam Rye Skate Park for the skateboarding scenes (3,4,5 and 6) and a class room for scene one.
Last week, we looked at the Dance group's tape and their filming had been a great success! They had a steady movement with the camera and they filmed the right shots and angles. They even filmed some extra bits incase anything went wrong, unfortunately, they had left the tri-pod in the wrong place and it was featured within the dance! Oh well, they'll just have to cut that part out during the editing.
After that, the skate boarding group finally go the chance to talk about their film. We worked out that we needed a schedule for when we were going to film what. Today, I just finished that job. On the Saturday, we would do the bedroom scenes; on the first Friday, we would film scene 3, 4,and perhaps half of 5 and on the last Friday, we would focus on the classroom scene and the remaining scenes. But we would still have to wait untill after half term to start filming, I still hope it would be successful even though we still have ages.
DVD Project has been a great success so far and I hope that our whole film will turn out wonderful. I cannot wait to get started with the filming in a couple of weeks.


Its jeroha,patricia and liana from goose green primary and in this d.v.d project I would like to tell people to STOP saying the negative about Southwark but to say the positive because Southwark is not all that bad so please look and listen to our project about positive Southwark.

In both yr6 we were separated into different groups and done different things like they were 3 drama pieces and 1dance group and it was a fantastic experience.

I would also like to tell people that the yr6 did not do this for fun or that we had to but because we live in Southwark and how do you think it makes us feel when people say bad stuff about where we live.


New Media Project

Goose Green Primary School is starting a media project to run through this term, making media with Year 6 pupils about living in Southwark.
We liked the Healthy Eating DVD made at the school and now we're doing another.

New Term, New Plan, Great Possibilities

We are under way again at Goose Green with our team of six youngsters.

There are to be a series of visits to interview a farmer, a peer in the House of Lords, two professors, one Cabinet Minister, a gastro-enterologist, not to mention mums & dads and fellow pupils and teachers and the school caterers !
We hope that Heathside, a school in Surrey, will come and see us and give us guidance in the challenge of undertaking whole school awareness raising. At the end of the project we will have an educational DVD mapping ways of raising the health quotient in a school's diet, suggesting ways that will appeal to the children by having the children devise much of the eventual plan, there will be authoritative interviews with research scientists and academics at the leading edge of this amazing field.
It's an exciting prospect.

We stand a chance of raising a little more money, and this would enable us to expand the project to include Southwark secondary school pupils at Harris Girls Academy and Archbishop Michael Ramsey TC as well.

Healthy Eating Session 1 - we've started !

Kate Start is a dietician and local consultant in Southwark. She dreamed up a healthy eating project to combine with awareness raising and has launched a project in conjunction with Community TV Trust and Chris Haydon. The project has just launched at Goose Green Primary School. Funding permitting, two secondary schools will join forces in a few weeks. It might have been raining outside, but in the IT room there was a creative whirlwind.

Wow, what an amazing afternoon!!

Chris and I met 6 bright, sharp and energetic young people. We asked them about what healthy eating meant and which subject or area we should focus on for our film and training.

The answer was Fruit!! The young people came up with a number of questions about fruit and we picked the 6 questions that everybody liked.

The questions were really interesting, such as what effect fruit has on one’s body, why do we need fruit and why do adults always want children to eat fruit.

I learnt about what young people are learning about healthy eating and how important it is we work with them in getting the message across.


We are due to film Lord Rea shortly, at the school.
Planning is under way for visiting two farms and a football club !