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young London voices

Goose Green Primary School is producing more positive media with the help of a media tutor.

After Healthy Eating which was made in 2007, we are now engaged in making a new set of films with Southwark.TV and Chris Haydon.

Year 6 classes are both working on productions, including gang dramas, a dance film and a game show.

See our member pages for individual blogs on the project. Here is a taste:

Its jeroha,patricia and liana from goose green primary and in this d.v.d project I would like to tell people to STOP saying the negative about Southwark but to say the positive because Southwark is not all that bad so please look and listen to our project about positive Southwark.

In both yr6 we were separated into different groups and done different things like they were 3 drama pieces and 1dance group and it was a fantastic experience.

I would also like to tell people that the yr6 did not do this for fun or that we had to but because we live in Southwark and how do you think it makes us feel when people say bad stuff about where we live.

So please give Southwark a chance look and the positive side of stuff and also foget the past and think about the future.

Hi my name is jiovanni I go to goose green school Chris has come to my school and done a DVD project some students are making there own video such as game show, singing etc.

At the end of the show I want to use a camera properly and put up the tripod.

LO: to be able to show other people that Southwark is not a gun and stabbing environment.

Hey my name is Tyla I go to Goose green Primary School. Iím in year 6 Platinum. Other children are in the other class Gold.

This year we are doing a video project we have decided to do

A game show
Crime drama
A skateboarding drama

We want to successfully finish this project to show people that Southwark is not a dangerous environment encouraging Knife & Gun crime

In Yr6 we have been working towards making a DVD, as some people have a bad picture of Southwark. All they think is that it is all guns and knives. In the past few weeks we have been put in different groups to come up with a show, song, dance, drama production etc. and in the end we will put them all together to make a DVD.
In this project I would like to learn how to use a camera and maybe how to write a proper