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I have learnt that a healthy packed lunch needs to at least have 2 pieces of fruit a day. That parents actually need to learn what a healthy packed lunch is.
Which is a healthy sandwich, 2 pieces of fruit, a healthy drink and a treat on a Friday to keep there diet balanced.
Iíve enjoyed having a laugh and learning new things that I have never knew before.

I have particularly liked working with everyone in the healthy eating team. I have learnt the concequences if you donít eat healthly.
Youíre sincerely Anwar

The three things I enjoyed in the healthy eating team:
*Is how every one helped each other and didnít leave you on your own
*And having fun together
*Doing a workshop where the adults had to listen to us
The three things I have learned:
*One thing I have learned is that you can have fun while working hard
*I have learned that different combinations can be healthy
*I have learned that different foods that you wouldnít expect to be good are good. Olamide

I enjoyed in the healthy eating team I have enjoyed making the smoothes and fruit kebabs for goose greens got talent

I learned how very very very very very very very important it is to be and stay living a healthy lifestyle. Sam

What we have done

The healthy eating team have been looking for ways for children and parents to have a healthy lifestyle. Also the group was made up of 6 children from year 6 at goose green and 1 year 5. Last year we did the interviewed children who were having pack lunches about what they understood about their pack lunches. We understood how they kept their lifestyle around food and what they ate.

We did a poster competition for who could design the best healthy poster for pack lunches we decide who the was going to be by all getting together and talking about what that certain person has done. We decide what the best poster was by seeing which poster had better detail in a healthy packed lunch.

What we have enjoyed is the poster competition that was hard. I have particularly liked the kebabs at goose greens got talent. I have learnt about a healthy lifestyle, what you should have in your diet and how important it is to eat healthy. Point from Dakota member in the healthy eating team or H.E.T.