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Last term we interviewed our sports teacher Mr Campbell. He gave us a good interview, fruity facts about what to give a baby when they are just born.
We also interviewed a great chef called Jamie - he gave us good ideas, for instance, strawberry fans. He made them by slicing diagonal lines through the bottom of the strawberry and then opened it apart to make a fan.
We interviewed a lawyer who has loads of jobs - he is trying to eat healthy foods but it is so hard for him because he is so tempted to eat the fatty foods.

We are now trying the Healthy Eating Gang: they are The Sweets, the bad ones; and the Proteins and Carbohydrates, the good ones. I will practice drawing them at home and then I will draw them on card, put them in a hall and get the children to choose what they are going to eat.

I am looking forward to announcing all of this in assembly on Friday 27th April 2007.


More Thoughts about our Healthy Eating Project from Trevan, Gabriel, Femilia, Keon, Tisharn, Shantoi

We are learning about how it's good to eat fruits. It is realy good for you because it's got vitamins & minerals.

1.I really enjoy film making club, you learn more things about fruits

2. I really enjoy going on the trips cause there are some fantastic people out there who eat really healthily.

3. when the film making crew met we thought it boring at first but now we really see how fruit affects our lives.

4.Kids think fruits are nasty but really there's good proteins for you and keeps you healthy

hi im Gabriel, i like fruit such as lychee apple so and so but i am writing to the internet to say to people eat more fruit i am saying this so you can be more healthier.

Thoughts about the Healthy Eating Project

It's the end of term. Here are the thoughts and feelings of three of the project's six-pupil team.

1 We filmed interviews with people. It was really hard because if you asked them a question and the answer you didn't expect, it was really hard because you need to make a question off the top of your head.
2 I want this project to go to different schools so that everyone can learn about healthy eating.
3 I think Kate and Chris should go to children who are obese and tell them the causes of their dismay.

I wonder if this project will change childrenís minds.
2 I hope children donít take this as a joke.
3 I really hope this project works.
4 I wonder if children wonít listen because children are telling them to ear healthy.
5 Do we have to set an example
6 Itís a really great experience and I donít want it to go to waste.

1 I want to make a few changes to young peopleís ideas about food and creating more understanding.
2 I have made a few mistakes but besides that I think I have done fine.
3 I think the hardest part of the project was thinking up the questions for the interviews we filmed.
4 I think the best part was filming the people when I operated the camera because I was a bit nervous when I was asking the questions.
5 I enjoyed interviewing Mr Campbell, our PE teacher, because he had a lot of interesting things to say about fruits.