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Akan tribe easter celebration explained
This ceremony took place in the London borough of Southwark during Easter, 2004.

Every year during the Easter period in the Ivory Coast (West Africa), the Bouale community from Akan group meet in their village to celebrate. As we all know, Easter is a basically christian celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.In our case Bouale's celebration is less religious. The Bouale tribe are mostly farmers in the Ivory Coast. They are spread all across the country where they find fertile ground for their farms to make their livelihoods. Nowadays, young Baoule natives also study or work in the big cities of the Ivory Coast. During the Easter period families reunite to celebrate.

Why choose this particular period for this event

Mid-March to June in the Ivory Coast is the dry season so it is a good time for farmers to rest and reflect. It is also the time when students and workers have a long weekend so it is time when everyone is avaliable to celebrate together. This pretext for celebration allows people who are away from their village to return to discuss important issues locally in their village; issues such as development or conflicts between families. This period is a good time to meet and resolve differences and for families who are separated to meet up again and re-connect. It is a time for enjoyment and parties; it is merely coincidental that the celebrations take place around Easter.

It is important for Ivorian exiles in London and thoroughout Britain to maintain this tradition which was celebrated this year on March 22nd, 2004 in Bermondsey.