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Bullying can happen anywhere even out side of school where no one can protect you. Being bullied is a very serious problem, it can affect the way people live their life and treat other people. Bullying can push people over the limits, many people who have been bullied have committed suicide that is how serious bullying is.

At school, bullying most often takes place during break-time, during class, and at lunch.
Some students also report being bullied before and after school, in and around the environments of the school campus.

Bullying can start in primary schools and reaches a peak in the secondary school. Bullying behaviour decreases in college but does not disappear altogether.

What to do if your child is being bullied

  • If your child is being bullied at school, ensure that they feel safe enough to tell a teacher.

  • Remember to use a very sensitive approach with your child, as it has taken a great amount of courage for them to tell you.

  • Make sure your child realises that its not their fault, they are being bullied and they are not in the wrong.

  • You can work with the school to get rid of bullying

  • Always talk to your children about their school life, so that he/she will feel comfortable talking to you about any problems
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  • If you are not satisfied with your school’s response to bullying, you can go to the education department in your local authority, for further advice.