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Carol Life Story
The reason why I am currently studying a Nursing Course is because Iíve always wanted to become a nurse but never had the chance until now. Previously I was a bespoke tailoress. After I had children my desire to become a nurse came back. Once my children started full time education, I had a chance to go to college to learn while my children were learning at school.

When I came back to full time education, I thought everyone would be a lot younger than I am, and that they would probably be more up to date with technology, but that wasnít the case. I didnít feel older than everyone and felt comfortable and relaxed in the course. I had already passed an Introduction to Health and Social Care (pre-access) course. I have also completed many of the CLAIT modules while taking part in the Keeping Up with The Kids IT course at Kings College London.

Currently I am studying an Access to Nursing course and hope to go to university in 2004, when I have passed my course.

In the future once I have completed my university degree my aim is to become a paediatric nurse or a physiotherapist.
Carol at the Computer

Carol at the Computer

Me outside Kings College London

Me outside Kings College London