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Discipline Boundaries and tips for Children

When young children play together, moods can shift quickly, and tension can quickly build or resolve. Over time, parents want to teach children how to solve their own problems.

But when is it best to get involved, and when should children be allowed to handle the situation themselves? Ask yourself: If this continues, what is the likelihood that someone will get hurt or something will be damaged? If trouble is really brewing, be decisive. Take action before your child does.

Tips for Disciplining:

  • Try to keep calm when disciplining your children.

  • If you find yourself getting angry at your children, take time out.

  • Praise your children's good behaviour.

  • Take time to put your affection into words.

  • Tell your children what to do, rather than what NOT to do.

  • Change the situation whenever possible rather than trying to change your children's behaviour.

  • Talk instead of hitting your children.

  • Physical punishment like spanking can make children feel that they are bad people.

  • Your children will only earn to be afraid of you or to hit others.