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Adult Education
Where to find information about local adult education

Information about local adult education is available from:-


    the local education authority (LEA).

This information lists organisations, which give advice and information about, or run, adult education courses. Many produce information leaflets or guides to courses, which can be bought from the organisation if they are not available in a local library.

The Basic Skills Agency
Commonwealth House
1-19 New Oxford Street
London WC1A 1NU
Tel: 020 7405 4017
Fax: 020 7440 6626
Email: enquiries@basic-skills.co.uk

The Basic Skills Agency will answer enquiries about basic education (reading, writing, numeracy) where the local education authority or library are unable to provide it. They produce a range of publications and leaflets, including general leaflets on adult literacy and numeracy, which are free for a single copy.

PO Box 900
Manchester M60 3LE
Learndirect helpline: 0800 101 901
Email: enquiries@learndirect.net
Website: www.learndirect.co.uk

Learndirect is a government scheme to encourage people to learn new skills and improve existing skills. It has centres throughout the UK, in for example, sports clubs, community centres and libraries. People can register for courses and be given training.

The Open University
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 653231
e-mail ouwenq@open.ac.uk
Alternatively, much useful course information can be obtained from the Open University’s web site:


People who are interested in undertaking a distance learning course can obtain a brochure from the Open University web site, from which they can choose one or more courses. Courses run from February to October and enrolment starts in October each year.