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Kickstart Volunteers Project - 'Creating opportunities....'

Current Volunteer Programme:

Millenium Volunteers- (MV) Award for voluntary work, you can be apart of or develop new projects that benefit others in your community. For people aged 16-24 that are associated either through projects, school or live in the local area with a few extra hours to spare. Through completing this award participants will recieve recognised certificates for 100 and 200 hrs voluntary work, plus a feel good factor and an opportunity to gain new skills.

Junior Volunteers Award- (JVA) this award is very similar to Millenium Volunteers but for the younger age group. Its a way for young people to get active by doing something for their community. Anyone aged between 13-16 years old can do JVA, as long as they have a few hours a week to spare. Through completing this award participants will recieve a certificate in 50, 100, 150 or 200 hrs or all if all completed.

Kickstart Volunteers- This is a programme for anyone that would like to give some time back to their community. Anyone from the local area and who is willing to commit to the project. Participants can get a feel and learn new skills to use in there spare time and there is also the possiblility of training.

Anyone interested in volunteering can currently get involved in sports, arts, media, youthwork, focused workshops, homework support and possibilities to arrange new projects. We also encourage volunteers to express other interests so that we can look into finding placements elsewhere for you to volunteer with the opportunity to still receive any of the above awards with us.

Any other organisations that currently have volunteers and are interested in getting volunteers signed up can contact me on 0207 708 5796.

Thanks Taner