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Education packs
AGE - Anti Gun [and violence] Education

The AGE Package raises awareness to the multiple impacts that anti social behaviour and violent crime can have on those involved: the victims and their family, as well as the perpetrator and their family.

The lessons / sessions have been designed to encourage young people to think carefully about the issues. This initial scheme of work is aimed specifically at Key Stage 3 pupils’ aged 13 – 15, conveying the message that responsible participation is required in order to overcome the negative influences of youth culture.

It also carries a poignant message that all it takes is one irrational thought or action to change your life forever – in this instance, the squeezing of a trigger.

Overall Benefits of AGE

AGE provides young people with the opportunity to analyse, review and evaluate the impact of attitudes, behaviour and the consequences of individual action, by:
• Voicing their views and opinions;
• Participating in the process as a team member;
• Engaging in discussion and debate;
• Recognising their individual needs;
• Identifying areas for personal growth.


EVE - Effective Victim Empathy

The EVE package can be used with the ‘Hard to Reach’ young people (10 – 18 years old) who are on the periphery of anti-social behaviour, gang culture and, or violent crime. It is a Scheme of Work that complements Offence Focussed Work carried out with Young Offenders by Youth Offending Team Staff, utilising Multi Media to express everyday situations that are taken for granted by offenders of all ages. Through discussion and role play, participants use their knowledge and experiences to examine, analyse and review, thought provoking factors relating to anti-social behaviour and violent crime, with an aim to explore the offence(s) committed.

Learning Outcomes
Key features are the need for the participants to:
• Understand the impact of their actions on all of the victims;
• Examine the consequences of their actions
• Respecting and empathising with other people’s views and opinions;
• Develop awareness of self;
• Valuing their own and other people’s lives.

For further information contact:

Derek Amory:-
Tel: 07973 159 055 / 07792 123 181
email: DAmory@atickle.co.uk
Tel / Fax: 0121 244 4996
Anti gun education image

Anti gun education image

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Effective Victim Empathy image