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now is not the time to do nothing
Hello everybody,

After my meeting on the 30th April 2007 with RH David Cameron (Conservative Leader), I will be calling a meeting for all sectors to attend and bring forward something to the table for this massive event.

We are call for an action plan from every group/agency/organisation so that we can stand united in this march/concert.

This event won’t just be dealing with gun/knife crime it is also drugs, gangs, street robberies, murders. We will be asking for opinions on ways forward. We are going to cover everything to combat this epidemic that’s gone far enough.

we all have to stand united in this, that means pastors, churches agency’s, police, social services, probation officers, street wardens, education services, young offenders institutions, prisons, Mps, Trident, operation blunt, home office, ex offenders, victim support, child line, crimestoppers, crimewatch and most important every house hold must open there doors and say enough is enough we are taking back our streets. I can not stress how important it is to have everybody on board; that also includes judges, the cps, prisons governors, rehabs and all roll models who can give there voice and support i.e. footballers, boxers, actors, singers, T.V. Personalities, radio and newspapers so please get in touch as soon as possible.

What are we going to wait for more young people to die or are we going take action before that happens?

so please lets all STAND UNITED or our young children have no future we have to involve the schools not one or two but every school will have a role to play, even the hospitals i.e. trauma teams have an input.

Here I could go on for ever so let’s stop talking and take ACTION! That speaks louder than words we are all responsible to come for with to the next meeting and take the stand.

Lucy Cope

Mothers Against Guns