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Be Healthy

Lets Talk About Sex by Nikki Reynolds (18)

Nikki tells us that boys have just one thing on their mind and that girls had better respect themselves

We have these ideals of a perfect relationship with a handsome man who’ll protect us. Respect us, spoil us and love us, but what is love? All of the above and more, if a boy says I love you, does he mean it? Even if he says it after the second date? Sweet talk, a lot of us fall for this, you’re beautiful, you are the buffest girl I know, now all this might be true but don’t let it get to your head, lip service, telling you what you want to hear in order to meet the objective.

I’m sorry boys, I do not wish to stereotype but the majority of you only have sex on the mind when it comes to girls, whereas more often than not women focus on relationships and allow themselves to be degraded in the name of love. Things are changing, more girls want to be able to be ‘playas’ but I realised along time ago that it does not work in the same way: you’re labelled as a gardening utensil if you know what I mean.

To be quite frank: girls are liking sex a bit too much and the effects are quite detrimental as we are more emotional than men. We have to realise that it’s not all about sex, it’s an important part of a relationship but it’s not the end all and be all. True, part of a relationship is catering to each other’s physical needs but if this seems to be all he wants then you have to decide whether he wants YOU or just SEX.

Men are not all to blame. Today’s prideful “independent women” aren’t doing it all for themselves, and are not as innocent as they make themselves out to be. Men have figured that materialistic women are easily bought. Now this game of what is known as ‘boopsing’ the girls feel as if they are in control by catering to a mans ego and subtly flirting getting from them whatever it is they want from a lift down the road to cash. The young men are happy to oblige in the hope that they can gain something more. Now I hear you girls saying, ‘well it’s OK, that’s as far as it goes’, but is it really? When a girl gets hooked on a guy she will give in, boopsing can easily turn into a form of prostitution if he isn’t your man, and there are others.

Girls, you have to understand you are in control, a man will treat you with respect if you respect yourself. If he “stole you” off his best mate then his perception of you is negative, If you sleep around he might sleep with you but you’re not going to be wifey. Establishing what is real and what isn’t can be hard but if you are girl looking for a male companion then maybe you shouldn’t look so hard if there’s a male friend that you like, don’t jump on him get to know him, and don’t be too hurt if he starts dating someone else while you’re friends, if you are good friends he’ll probably talk to you more and you can find out how sincere he really is in a relationship.

Can You See clearly Through the Marijuana Smoke?

Marvin Osemwegie

Marvin talks about the pro’s and con’s of smoking weed

Maruana is a green, brown or grey mixture of dried shredded leaves, stems and seeds and flowers of the hemp plan cannabis sativa. There are over 200 different street names for marijuana, these include pot, herb, dope, reefer, chronic, Mary-Jane, gangster, grass and ganja. Sensimelia, hashish and hash oil are all stronger forms of marijuana.

Marijuana is normally smoked with cigarettes (tobacco) and is normally rolled up into a ‘joint’ or ‘nail’. It can be smoked in a pipe (‘bong’). Marijuana has also appeared in ‘blunts’ in recent years. These are cigars that have their tobacco emptied out of them and replaced by marijuana and other drugs such as crack. Some users may even put marijuana in their food or use it in tea.

The Short Term Effects

On a short term basis marijuana causes problems with memory and learning - disordered perception (sight, sound, touch) and difficulty thinking and problem solving. Loss of co-ordination and increased heart rate, anxiety and panic attacks can also result.

The Long Term Effects

Long-term smoking can lead to respiratory problems, similar to those faced by long term cigarette abuse. Marijuana contains the same or more cancer causing chemicals as those found in cigarettes. The symptoms include coughing and high levels of phlegm, these are also not too dissimilar to those of bronchitis. There’s also a greater risk of lung infections, like pneumonia.

Lower Educational Achievement

Research indicates that young people who smoke marijuana have lower levels of educational achievement than those that don’t, display more delinquent behaviour, are more aggressive, show greater rebelliousness, have poor relationships with their parents and associate more with delinquent and drug using friends.


So-called recreational drugs like marijuana can effect the health of both the mother and the baby. Some studies indicate that babies born to mothers who regularly smoked marijuana during pregnancy were smaller than those who did not. In general small babies are more likely to develop health problems. If the mother still smokes once she has given birth then other research has indicated that the baby may not develop as quickly as a baby whose mother does not smoke marijuana.

Should marijuana be legalised because it’s a better painkiller than the one you get from the chemist?

People will have a right to make their own decisions.

Yes, Why?

If it is legalised it can be monitored better by the government. Legalisation would ensure that the police would have more time to spend on bigger cases such as murder and street crime, instead of arresting everyone they see on the street with a joint.

No, Why?

The reasons why it might not be such a good idea to legalise marijuana are that it’s addictive and it effects your long-term memory. It can make you feel paranoid in extreme cases. It can also appeal to young kids, who should not be smoking. There could be more street crimes perhaps because people would do ‘stupid’ things to get hold of it. Some might even take huge amounts that might cause them to get hyper. This could result in them committing more crime.

To find out more about drugs visit www.drugs.com or e-mail Marvin at y.guider@hotmail.com. You can also visit his website at www.soda.co.uk/netfolio, then click on Marvin.