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Legends of the Year
Legends of the year:

10) Ozzy – Pitney Bowes

After years of service at Pitney Bowes, Damien’s mate Ozzy has been deemed unnecessary and is no longer employed at Pitney Bowes. He will surely be missed

9) Rodney Marsh – Sky Sports

The list wouldn’t be the same without the only pundit to be a member of the FBI and the Soccer Saturday team. Rodney, keep up the chiefin’ out.

8) The Gorilla at Chessington

This animal saved the whole year with his antics which involved chasing people and generally raising havoc and hysteria.

7) Lawrence – Broms

Known as ‘the guy who gives lifts’ he rarely spoke but made sure he begged it. He would buy you food and give you a lift home and that’s it.

6) Kolo Toure – Arsenal Football Club

Looked like a mad man at the beginning of his Arsenal career but has now become an accomplished centre back and a stalwart of the gunners sometimes shaky defence. He is building something!!!

5) Damiens D’s – Old school collectors

A gentleman in every sense of the word. With his mannerly attitude he deserves to be in the list for the simple fact he sets an example for us all. Hats off to Damien’s D’s.

4) The Mudda at the train station

He never tires of asking to see your photocard. This combined with his blazers and the fact that he only looks around fifteen years old he comes in at number 4.

3) Edu – Arsenal Football Club

The most hilarious face in the world of football. He’s always capable of playing the decisive ball when he griddle’s a pass – likely to be a dinner pass.

2) The Galoose

All-round entertainer!!!


She takes the prestigous first place because of the fact she is slickness personified. Let the eyeage continue long into 2004. A real 1 unlike some people!!!


Natalie was omitted from the list - could've been a legend but her constant inability to take heed of people's warnings epitomises her nonsensical attitude.