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Ms Wisdom
Hi am Ms Wisdom and if you have any problems then am here to help. If you want me to answer any problems then email me at southwarkmagazine@hotmail.com

Embarrassing Moments

One time I was going to see my boyfriend, so I decided to wear my favourite top, so I shaved my arm pits and went to see my boyfriend, I went to hug my boyfriend when I discovered one of my arm pits were still covered in hair.

Slippery Slope

I was in a club and it was the end of the night, there I was doing my thing dancing away but what I wasnít aware, that at the edge of the dance floor just behind me there was a slope. So just as the light turned on I stepped back and fell straight on my arse. I got up and everyone was laughing and thinking Iím drunk, the worst thing was I was stone cold sober.


I was at school in the common room making small talk. All of a sudden I farted really loudly, I didnít think anyone had noticed, when I turned around everyone had dived for cover.

Donít take the Call

Michael was in the Blue area of Bacons College. His phone rang, now he knows heís not supposed to answer it, but what does he do, he takes the call, ďWhat are you doing you fool?Ē Micheal continues to walk and talk, but he forgets where he is, on the stairs, heís just about to curse again, misses his step, drops head-first all the way to the bottom. Conversation ended, dented prided and smashed phone.

Two in a Tub

When I was having a bath with my boyfriend, I picked up the bucket to pour some water over my head, I dropped it, I got out to pick it up. As I bent over, my boyfriendís brother walked in, he saw my bum! I canít look him in the face, heís had a good look at me and now he smiles at me every time he sees me.

Load of Old Pants

I was at school and it was time for our swimming lesson, we were all getting changed together, I dried myself off and went to put on my pants but couldnít find them; despite searching all over I still couldnít find them. So I had to go the rest of the day with out my lion king pants (legendary!). The next morning I was out with my mum when my best friendís mum came up to us. She took a plastic bag out of her shopping bag and said ďIíve got something for you.Ē We didnít know what it was until mum pulled out my lost pants. It turns out that Carlton had put them on yesterday without knowing. My mum threw them straight into the bin and I began to cry because I loved those pants.

Dog Pee

I decided to take my baby Staff out to see if I could use it to pick up some chicks at some park event. But it all went wrong I got talking to some girl when all of a sudden she started screaming I looked down to see my baby peeing up her leg.
Next time I think I use my own charm to warm her up.

The Class

I was at school sitting in my lesson leaning back on my chair thinking Iím hot as usual but this time I leant back a little too far and dropped off onto the floor and knocked myself out. When I come round the whole class were cracking up. I wonít be leaning back on my chair again Iíve learnt my lesson.

Milk Men

I was on holiday in Spain looking for some milk in the supermarket. I saw some handsome men in uniform and thought they must work in the store, in my best Spanish I asked where the milk is. They replied in perfect English, Ďwe are firemen we do have lots of waterí.