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We are soon to launch our Poetry Anthology Word on the Street. Look out for the launch

Blame it on “The Politicians”

My child is ill
Has 6 months to live
My child will be on the ‘waiting list’ for 18 months
I don’t have insurance, I can’t go private, I
Blame it on “The Politicians”

I was deserted, left by my parents
I was transformed into a monster
Prey on people’s lives
Steal their shoes and try them on
They don’t fit, I
Blame it on “The Politicians”

I am 22 and in debt
Qualified, welcomed to a world of debt
Debt is a necessity, a way of life they say
Who I blame? I
Blame it on “The Politicians”

The Bill can’t do much to help
Its only words said the DI
We need evidence, someone must get hurt
Before we can act, the only action is
The Bill on ITV, we
Blame it on “The Politicians”

They say, we pay
We give, they take
They slaughter, we mourn
Who have we been moaning about?


Boy in a Hood

The Hood
The ultimate weapon for identity fraud
We all look the same from
The back, the side, the front
Enter a new skin with dead cells

The Hood
I saw the boy in the hood
In his jeans and sneakers that kisses the tar
He has become someone else
Who invented the Hood?
In a lonely street, a dark alley
If you see the boy in the hood
Plead, Scream, RUN!


Green, green
The sun is out, feeling right
Reaching up for a kiss by its rays
Quenching thirst with acid rain
Flowers bloom bright
Leaves brown over, blown away
Everything a shade of white
No more sun, the sky is grey
The beauty, but wait
You forgot about me
The kiss is cold, no more rays
Reach, Escape
Turfs of green, patches of white
Silver lining in the grey sky


Yes Prime Minister

You have been put to shame
Ashamed, rotten eggs on dark suits
I will not be your brainchild
IVF, father-unknown, mother-Eve
Mmm… Immaculate Conception in 21st century
Yes Prime Minister, you should be tied to a stake
A puppet government you run
Yes Daddy, Mr. Stars and Stripes

I want to be a child
Be reborn sir by father Democracy, and mother Freedom
Ego like the Twin Towers
Crumbled, Shattered, Disappear
Conservatives, Labour… I can’t take any more
No, Prime Minister
Should it have to be so hard?

TB a deadly disease
Claims millions of innocent lives
Yeah, you, I am talking to you
You can hear me but can’t see me
I am your conscience
Yes Prime Minister, I am YOU!!!


At Night

The nights are like glistening carefree stars suspended in my psyche, making his absence unbearable.
Let me draw of a well which fulfils, crystallises my being.
That sky is suffocating.
Cluttered with you.
My orphaned dreams move through me and find their end here…

Tolu Lapite


You think you can shame and embarrass me.
I was a lost little girl trying and wanting to be part of your world.

You had me hanging on a string, every time you tugged I was pulled in.

You took my body and did as you pleased. Making me feel poor and cheap, but wishing each time all you would want was me.

You told me you loved me and then you didn’t want me. It was like we were all stuck in a box and you picked one out when you pleased.

How could you tell people you broke me in then deny the baby I had growing within.

You made me want to hang my head low because of all the choices I had made but in time I realised you where the bad one.

You You You Not ME!



Dear Boyfriend,
All I ever wanted was someone like you, kind, friendly, intelligent with lots of hopes and dreams.

Dear Boyfriend,
What I got was someone that had left all ambition behind because they had got lost along the way.

Dear Boyfriend,
All I tend to do is search for the old you, the one who lived life to the full and made everyone else want to follow too.

Dear Boyfriend,
Never give up hope and feel you only have one foot instead of two, because as long as you have me around I’ll be there keeping the second one down for you.

Dear Boyfriend,
I just want to let you know you can achieve whatever you want and I will always love you.


Make Your Mind Up

I’d give you the world and you’d throw it back in my face.

You say you need and want me but the feelings are never there.

A few phone calls and I’m supposed to think you care.

From the start, I gave you my heart thinking you’d do the same.

Instead you left me feeling like a girl in the distance. And only paid me interest when it was convenient for you.

You don’t think about who you hurt and how mixed up you make them feel.

So what you need to do is work out what you really want and get back to me soon.