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Lyrics & Spirits

Welcome to a new page on the Afrikan Quest site. This page is for inspirational lyrics, proverbs and anecdotes.

(Amadlozi = Those who have fallen in defence of the people - Zulu)

Half-way between the mountains and the shore
There is a stream flowing out to the sea
But when the storm came down from the skies
My love was swept so far away from me

As the elements crashed on my housetop
Thunder, hail, lightning, brimstone and rain
I looked to the east, I looked to the west
And further out east but all in vain

I made up my mind to make a journey
To take a trip downstream to the sea
I packed my bags and started to trod
Leaving my bornland far behind me

To find the love of my heart and soul
Beyond the valley lies my destination
Where slave ships are moored and markets galore
All is vanity and spirit vexation

As I reached the hill overlooking the town
I met a wise elder outside his cave
He said, 'Turn ye back, go no further.
Down there is the city of the Blackman's grave.'

I told him the reason for my sojourn
To be reunited with my loved one
He said, 'Turn ye back, go no further.
Your love one has long time already gone.'

I showed him the distance I had traveled
He invited me to partake of his food
Also his drink and his shelter that night
But repeated that city-life was no good

As we ate he did tell me his story
He was born in the city when it was a town
But escaped before the change was complete
When the first big ships did come around

I asked him where did the ships go to?
He replied, 'To far off lands and climes.'
I asked of the resistance to this trade
He replied, 'City dwellers move with the times.'

And what of the elders like himself
To whom we looked for lifelong guidance
He told me, 'Only the young and fit were taken
The old were left to starve in penance.'

I asked of the farmers, warriors and priests
He replied, 'They exist for us no more
Our values and traditions are no longer
Since the storms brought these ships to our shores.'

In the morning I left the wise man
Bade him farewell and headed towards the town
To carry on the search for my loved one
Not knowing the storm had sent me there to drown.

- Copyright Kubara Zamani Za Kale 28/6/98

Imagine never hearing an Afrikan beat
Imagine never having felt the Afrikan heat
Imagine never having seen the Afrikan colour
Imagine never having been an Afrikan warrior

Imagine never having tasted Afrikan food
Imagine never standing where your ancestors stood
Imagine never having had your Afrikan gods
Or goddesses, totems or spirit doctors

Imagine never working your Afrikan land
Imagine never owning your Afrikan minerals
Imagine never experiencing true Afrikan love
Imagine never having an Afrikan boy or girl

Could you imagine what kind of world that would be?
Luxury? Misery? Or slavery?

- Copyright Kubara Zamani 20/8/2

Four more years, four more years
Four more tears, four more fears

We’ve got bodies in Afghanistan
Bodies in Iraq
Bodies in the woods
And there ain’t no coming back

We’ve got looters, shooters, rapists
And things we can’t even see
That’s how they run their business
In the land of the free

Four more years, four more years
Four more tears, four more fears

Seventeen standing ovations
In the Congress for Blair
They’re shipping heroin and oil
To prove they were there

We’ve got Three Kings and Jokers
Shipping out antiquities
But no water, sanitation
Peace or electricity

Four more years, four more years
Four more tears, four more fears

They blame the men in shadows
And that old Heart of Darkness
Not the lies and deceit
Of politicians, spooks and press

Promotion, election, profit
While we shed blood, sweat and tears
You thought you’d seen it all
‘Hey! We want four more years’

Four more years, four more years
Four more tears, four more fears

- Copyright Kubara Zamani 20/7/3

~ MEASUREMENT (Inc. London Weighting)
Test, Trial, Race, Space
Time, Money, Size, Height
Worth, Distance, Length, Weight
Stress, Pressure, Love, Hate
Better, Worse, More, Less
Bigger, Smaller, Longer, Shorter
Stronger, Weaker, Harder, Softer
Slimmer, Fatter, Tighter, Slacker
Heavier, Lighter, Darker, Clearer
Originally, Immediately
Ultimately, Infinitively
Actual, Relative & Imagined
Similarities & Differences
Personal Choice, Partnership
Teamwork, Line Management
Group Accountability
Collective Responsibility
Regional Autonomy
National Unity
Global Understanding
(In)Dependence By Degrees.
Liberty Is An Extreme
It Knows No Boundaries.

- Copyright Kubara Zamani 9/2/90