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Support Afrikan Quest

Nubiart is produced by Afrikan Quest which was established to cover events of interest to Afrikan people in audio and video form. Over four years we have produced, researched and edited the shows on a low budget establishing the format and covering topics that we feel are important to air on the radio.

Sound Radioís terrestrial coverage area is north to Whipps Cross, west to Paddington, east to Thurrock and south to Bromley. This area includes the Thames Gateway signposted for major development and central to Britainís 2012 Olympic bid. At any one time there are up to 40,000 terrestrial listeners alongside those on the internet. There is obviously enormous scope for a company that would like to enter into a positive relationship with us.

We are always looking for sponsors and advertisers to support us in expanding the show. We want sponsors who are sympathetic to the topics we cover and who could also support us in making audio CDs of our interviews for general release.

We also plan to record live discussions with audience participation for broadcast. We accept one-off sponsorship but ideally we would like sponsors to commit long-term in order to maximise the benefits to their business.

Contact us for advertising rates. We try to keep them as low as possible as these costs are not intended to restrict access to the airwaves but reflect the real costs of producing speech-based programmes which will enable us to maintain and improve our commitment to quality information shows.