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About Us
The Vision

Spirit Arts places creativity at the centre of working with the NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) group, through enabling and empowering individuals to realise their full potential

Aims that are being achieved

We promote and secure high standards of learning
We support young people in progressing to further education and employment.

We have develop the skills young people need to advance in life. We give disaffected young people the chance to improve their basic and key skills. We have made available new and exciting learning opportunities.

We use creative arts to engage young people into learning. We provide a broad and flexible curriculum.

We ensure the curriculum prepares young people for the world of work. We enable students to understand how they learn and to be able to use a variety of learning styles.

We have developed partnerships with other academies, schools, and local employers, Connexions, YOT, parents and community groups.

We have develope an innovative programme of engagement for the NEET group currently not worked with through mainstream activities that maximises interest in creative and art activities.

We deliver a variety of non-accredited training, such as dance and visual arts, video editing and film making, performance and theatre. Arts and Crafts.

We deliver a variety of accredited training, such as our Virtual School covering GCSE’s (National Curriulum), soft skills development.

We have widen participation in learning by the NEET group, we promote creative activities to disadvantaged communities using bite-size courses.

We provide necessary Key skills and Life skills training. We offer an inclusive approach to personal development without segregating the client group.

We also ensure that other stakeholders, such as Connexions, and FE Colleges benefit from the best practice developed in the project.