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SAA Syllabus

Virtual Learning

The Virtual school providing interactive, tutor-led education with subject specialist teachers and other online classmates. All students’ need is a standard computer with normal Internet connection.

Teachers are able to launch any learning material, allocate students learning tasks, take the class on a visit to a website, and break the class up into smaller collaboration groups. Students can also access NVA’s secure web portal where they collect, complete and submit self-paced assignments.

The virtual school offers courses in core curriculum subjects up to GCSE level, enabling students who are disengaged with school to complete their GCSE’s online.

Personal Development

Students look at improving those parts of their thinking and character that when developed, directly improve their ability to achieve physical, mental, social, financial, emotional and spiritual goals.

Business Development

The course equips students to set up and manage their own business focusing on writing business and marketing plans, raising finance, developing cashflows, branding, and the legal framework for managing a successful business.

Life Skills

The course covers skills students need as an individual, with their family, friends employment and social life. It deals with empowerment, attitudes, motivation, behaviour, and interaction with people from different walks of life.

The course also explores individual student’s aspirations, dreams and expectations. Students are assessed, consulted and mentored throughout the course. The course focuses on current key skills, that students will need to improve or change direction. The course will also train students in key skills that will enhance their employment opportunities and social life.

Video Production

Participants get hands on and practical experience in the film and video industry. All aspects of production will be explained and practiced including putting together a storyboard and writing a script, filming using a professional camera and editing. Working together the group will make a five-minute film of which the participants themselves will decide the topic, style and content.