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Encouraging greater involvement in local community activities
By providing vocational training for residents within the West Camberwell area, enhancing the quality of life of young people and adults.
By providing access to a medium which enables residents to present a different perspective on issues that are important to them whilst broadening their artistic experience.
By hosting screenings of the work, fostering healthy debate amongst residents and filmmakers at a local community venue.
By informing our funders of the result of such discussions, providing a valuable consultation document, on the needs and wants of local residents, informing future regeneration projects in the area.
By increasing opportunities for employment through work placements, skills-based learning and working with film professionals. Storymakers Syndicate will provide work placements in future projects for former participants, creating a structure of empowerment where former participants will be in a position to provide the training themselves.

Improving the management of local community activities
By funding some basic equipment needs. Through this project, the organisation will be able to continue providing similar training in Southwark and levering additional support for years to come, creating another valuable resource for the local community.
By increasing the provision of services to young people, community involvement and networking;

Helping community groups to improve their local neighbourhoods
By informing and educating local residents to specific environmental issues which affect the areas in which they live in consultation with the Street Improvement Team.
By creating links between council departments such as the Street Improvement Team and Community Wardens and local residents.
By raising awareness to the need for collective responsibility and citizenship in improving the local environment through recycling and absence of litter.
By reducing strain on mainstream organisations such as the Youth Offending Team and Social Services by engaging vulnerable young people and adults in positive and constructive activities that raise awareness through training to the protection of the environment.

Helping black, ethnic minority and other communities to explore their history and culture, with the aim of improving awareness and relations between different groups
By increasing access to a diversity of arts activities for young people that reflect the cultural diversity of each area and local community needs;
By setting clear and measurable targets, ensuring the percentage of Black and Ethnic residents is proportional to the number of participants taking part in the project.
By generating discussion amongst residents from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, fostering a healthy debate across generations about issues relevant to them and to the local area, whilst contributing for a greater understanding and the building of bridges across cultures;
By reflecting the ethnic make-up of the area in the recruitment of facilitators employed in delivering the project and in accordance with our equal opportunities policy.