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Storymakers Syndicate aims to provide skills and the development of creativity through Film (not video), across a broad range of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds across Southwark.

This means that the company will target communities that are socially and economically deprived, and seek diverse partnerships with other organisations and agencies in order to achieve its aims.

By using its tried skills and expertise in Script Development, Film and Theatre, the team of professional writers and filmmakers at Storymakers Syndicate will through a number of hands-on courses provide the skills needed for participants to produce their first short films on a professional format, used by established directors and major studios in the UK and USA.
Using Pro8mm, the most cost-effective professional film format sought by independent filmmakers, and taking participants through the process of film making, from concept, storyboarding, planning, pre-production, production and editing process, our organisation will be training young people and adults in the art of making films, planning carefully each and every shot, as opposed to the ‘trigger happy’ approach video provides due to its re-recordable nature. This makes the course on offer unique, focusing in the quality of scripts alongside the quality of cinematography.
Storymakers Syndicate has in addition forged good links with L.A. based Pro8mm Sound Studio and its European office, benefiting from incredibly reduced rates in the processing and transfer of our film rushes to miniDV. This makes the course on offer more accessible to us and ultimately more affordable for our funders.
Storymakers Syndicate has the following five key objectives:

1. To stimulate creativity through writing for the medium of film;
2. To provide free access to foundation courses in film;
3. To involve participants in the making of fiction shot in a professional film format;
4. To promote screenings of the work produced in local communities and in mainstream venues (i.e. NFT);
5. To seek the promotion of the work produced to other outlets (i.e. festivals, schools, art centres).