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Southwark.TV making friends overseas


Nepal hit by power cut for more than 100 hrs a week
by Rachana Bhandari

If you ask the residents of Kathmandu what they are suffering from, the answer would be load shedding. And I am no exception. When I wake up early in the morning there is no light and when I go to bed there is no light. I was surprised when I saw my brother who is a journalist used a candle to use his laptop.

At the college, the sound of generator disturbs the whole class and teaching doesn’t go smoothly. The facilities of computer in the college cannot be utilized. As in Humanities class, the teacher wants to show us movies related to the course but we are not able to watch it from the same problem.

Now I can’t even listen to the music from my computer. My mobile remains uncharged. I had a habit of watching daily soap (TV serial) and used to be damn crazy about it. Now all that habit is gone. I used to prepare my home ssignments during night time but now I prepare it at day time. I am the student of Journalism and mass communication so I need to be up to date about the news but no chance of watching the news. I should depend only on newspaper.

I found the same problem with my friends. Even they can’t come out from this problem, just like me. The price of stationery goods has been increased up. It directly affects the students to purchase the stationery goods. Each and every sector is suffered from load shedding but Government can’t be able to manage it properly even our country is second largest on water resources in the world.

This year Nepal has been worst hit by the power cut. Everyday there is load shedding for 14 to 16 hrs. The government says because of decrease in water level, they couldn’t produce more electricity.

If government had invested on hydropower project sufficiently we would not suffer. The government should be able to maximum utilize its natural resources.

Mobile mania in Nepal

By Rachana Bhandari,
Mobile is one of the most loved, used and handy tools for communication. People love mobile for their own reason. In this article I am trying to find out why my friends of Kathmandu Don Bosco College love mobile so much.
'I listen to songs and play games in my mobile.' says Kushum Thapa, a grade 12 student, 'besides using it to call my friends and families.'
Kusum says that her mobile has been a friend and she finds it portable. She says' I can take it anywhere. I am very happy for that.'
It was in the last five years that mobile became so much a fashion that everyone wanted to have it. 'I feel the moreover students carry mobile out of fashion.' says Hasana Lawaju, 'They want to show off so they buy expensive mobile.'
But some of my friends say mobile is very necessary at the time of emergency. 'I carry it for emergency calls when I am not at home', says Rojina Pathak. Ishika Shrestha also agrees with that. They say they purchase according to their capability and most of their mobiles have been bought by their parents. They say they need mobile to meet 21st century's youth of other countries. Some students who also run business say mobile are a must.
'When I am at college I get some business calls come. So I bring it at college,' says Bijay Basnyat.
But one of my friends Rajani Karkai says she doesn't want to bring the mobile in the college. She says,' I don’t know why other carry mobile during college hour but I don't feel like carrying it, it may get lost as well.'
Most of my friends with exception of date keep the mobile switch off.
'During college hour I feel like it disturbs the whole class so I keep mobile switched off though I bring it', said Abhilash Rajbhandari, 'I don’t like to disturb the class by its ring tones which disturbs the whole class.'
Finally I came to my journalism teacher Ujjawal Acharya as what he has to say about mobile.
'When anyone’s call comes every students turn to them and it disturbs the whole class while teaching.' says Mr. Acharya, teacher of Mass communication and Journalism. 'Even when the essage comes they want to see it and even tell to their friends which disturb the class while teaching.'
But Mr Acharya agrees that mobile has become a must technology for students and they should use it positively and constructively.

Hindu Festival of Light


Tihar- the festival of lights

By Rachana Bhandari,
Tihar is considered the second main festival of Hindus in Nepal. It is celebrated for 5 days after Dashain. Tihar is the festival of recreation and amusement and it is also the festival of lights. Another best part is that animals are worshiped as a symbol of Gods. Tihar is celebrated on the remembrance of day when Lord Ram returned Ayodhaya with his wife Sita after defeating Ravana. On the first day of the festival crow is worshipped. In this year too I worshiped and gave delicious foods to crows considering Yamraj’s (God of death) messenger.
On the second day dogs are worshiped and they are given delicious and varieties of foods. In this day dogs are given more priority. They are worshipped for safe guarding the house for the entire year.
Third day is one of the most important days of Tihar, Laxmi Puja. In this day we worship goddess Laxmi. We worship her for prosperity and comfort.
During Tihar, all the houses are beautifully decorated with lamps and lights, so as for the cordial welcome of goddess of wealth, Laxmi. Young boys and girls make separate groups keep on moving singing in different house. They bless the house and house owner in their songs. It is called ‘Deusi' and 'Bhailo’. Houses seem to be adorned with lights, colors and flowers on the day of Laxmi Puja. I too cleaned my home and adorned with the lights and candles. But I get distracted with the fire crackers played in this festival. I think loud sound made by the firecrackers create noise pollution. Even birds and animals get frightened. Next day is Gobardhan Puja. In this day, we worship wealth and also give much priority to cleanliness.
The final day is the most important day of Tihar i.e. ‘Bhai tika’. This day, the sister puts tika on her brothers’ forehead. The sister makes a solemn promise and asks the gods to protect her brother. Sister gives delicious and verities of foods to her brother whereas brother gives special gifts to his sister.
Though I couldn’t put tika on my brother’s forehead but I asked god to protect him from the evil power. I gave varieties of food to my brother and even we, me and my sister, got a gift from our brother. It helps to unite brother and sister relationship.
This shows that the culture and the festivals help in uniting the members of a family.


Kathmandu, October 21, 2008
DA 69 or Sudin Pokhrel is one of the hot and happening rappers and sports news reporters/ presenters in Nepal. If you ask him what does DA stands for he says, 'Dead Alive'. He says he chose the name after he passed through an uneasy period in his life. But now days, if you find him any where in the town he is busy giving autographs to the girls.
It is a very rare to meet this composition: rapper and news anchor in the world. But teenagers love his personality and his attitude. He is the idol of many youths and girls wish to date him. It has been 6 years he is in the television and music field. But he says he had already started news reporting when he was 20 years old. He is now 29. He likes sports and travelling. His father is a professor of political science. While he was performing in Pokhara a girl climbed in the stage, hugged him and kissed him, he says that was one of his strange moments as an artist.
He began to sing from his childhood as in the school programs, school's parent’s day. He says he entered into because he loves reporting and writing. He has sung many hip-hop songs and they have become every time hit and even have become everyone’s favorite.
It was really difficult to bring hip-hop songs in Nepal at time people were just listening to traditional and other numbers, but he was able to do so due to his hard work and his passion for the music. He has a band named ‘The Unity’ which is composed of three members, Sudin (himself) aka DA 69, Ashif Shah and Amit Sinha aka AIDRAY.
As in Nepal, many of the youths have only one dream to going abroad and this trend has has reduced Nepal's manpower. But Sudin wants to tell all the youths that their future can be bright in Nepal if they work hard according to their effort, as he says there is work every where(in Nepal).
Here are shorts excerpts of his interview received through email:
Q. What is your age?
DA 69: I am 29 years old.
Q. Is it true that you are in television news and music for five years?
DA 69: Its more than 6 years in television and music but I am working as a reporter since 9 years.
Q. You have said somewhere that u like sports and traveling but why?
DA 69: Sports was always there on me used to follow cricket, Grand slam tennis , Formula one and all European club football when I was at grade 5, and traveling well when u live in a beautiful country like Nepal u love traveling.
Q. How do you define yourself?
DA 69: A simple hard working person.
Q. What is that brought you into the field of music and journalism?
DA 69: Music, well it's on me, it's my passion, used to sing on school's parents day from ma childhood days, and journalism well I love to report and write.
Q. Are your parents happy with what you are doing?
DA 69: Yes they are very happy.
Q. Many of the youths have only one dream to go abroad but you are in Nepal and doing great work, what do you say to those who are dreaming about abroad???
DA 69: Well you shouldn't be unsecured about your career in Nepal, there is work every where here.
Q. What type of music you like???
DA 69: I like e'ry sort of music, it depends upon my mood.
Q. What sort of journalism you are fond of?
DA 69: Of Course Sports Journalism.
Q. Can u tell us about the band members the unity?
DA 69: Well the Unity is composed of three members, Me, Ashif Shah and Amit Sinha a.k.a AIDRAY.

HIP HOP Nepalese style


Rachana Bhandari

Southwark.TV's friend in Nepal

Nepal from the eyes of a teenager

My name is Rachana Bhandari from Nepal. I'm a student of Mass Communication and Journalism and English literature studying in Kathmandu Don Bosco College. I am interested in journalism because it is voice to the voiceless people.
My college is located at New Baneshwor, its right at the center of the capital Kathmandu. I am one among the 16 students who are studying humanities here. In Nepal most of the students study science or commerce and only selective students study humanities.
In class we discuss every affairs regarding from politics to cooking and movies to travelling, and this is the aspect I like about my class.
My birthplace is Pokhara. Pokhara is rich in scenic beauty and rich in cultural lifestyle too. People want to visit Pokhara.
I have five members in my family. My father is the Lawyer and works for the welfare of the society. My mother is the teacher and she teaches in school. I have a older brother and a younger sister.
In my free schedule I do many different activities. I love to read new magazines. I do painting and handi crafts in my leisure time. I watch news and movies and I enjoy travelling new places which has historical and cultural importance.
In college life we have many friends but it is difficult to choose the correct friends. I have the friends who can understand me and belives in sharing and caring. So friends are really helpful to me.

DASHAIN by Rachana Bhandari Kathmandu, October 14

Celebrating Dashain, one of the biggest festivals in Nepal
Dashain the biggest festival of Hindus has just passed from our door for a year. The festival is celebrated for 15 days. Dashain is celebrated for happiness, it is taken as the symbol of truth. It is celebrated in remembrance to Lord Ram's victory over Rawan. Every Hindu family gather together to celebrate the festival.

I had a great fun in Dashain but could not enjoy as past years as my grand father expired few months ago. The festival begins with the day of ‘Gatasthapana’ where ‘jamaraa’ mixture of Jau and maize are put in soil in a dark room. Altogether nine manifestations of Goddess Durga are worshipped thought the festival. But the festival is criticized for animal sacrifice rituals. Hindus sacrifice specially goats on the eight day to worship Godess Durga.

Dashain is also famous for food. Roti a special bread and many other delicious items are made during the festival. People buy new clothes during the festival. Cards are also played.The main day of the festival is the tenth day. Seniors put tika to their younger ones giving them blessings on that day. People play swing during Dashain.

All government offices are closed for a week while schools, colleges and universities are closed for 15 days. I celebrated my Dashain with my father, mother, brother and sister. We bought new clothes each. My dad, mum and brother each job holder gave money each and we sisters went to department stores for buying clothes. We played cards, but I lost. I have got my college holidays, so i am passing the time doing creative stuffslike writing, reading and watching television.


Southwark.TV's friend in Nepal lives in Kathmandu.

Teenager's life in Nepal

By Rachana Bhandari
Life of a teenager in Nepal is both exciting and interesting. Girls
like me are interested in so many things in Nepal from reading to writing and swimming to and watching televisions.
Doing handicraft is my creative way of passing the time. Besides that I read, write, cook and spend time on internet. But my friends and cousins have their own taste. 'I write essays, stories and am reading a fictional novel ", says Ridhima Bhandari, Student of BA level. "I want to be great writer in future.", she added. There are only few writers from Nepali who have got international recognition. Samrat Upadhaya's Arresting God in Kathmandu(2001): collection of short stories, The Guru of Love(2003): a novel, The Royal Ghosts(2006): collection of short stories are quite popular among Nepali youths.
Like wise Manjushree Thapa's Tutor of History, Forget Kathmandu: An elegy of democracy and Tilled Earth are also popular. The two writers are exploring Nepal's current situation in their books.
But my other friends are so much interested in acting. "I do
paintings, play Skkiping and basket ball and learn acting from
watching movies." said Rajeeta Bhandari, of class 8, in Alliance
Academy. "I want to be great actress in future", she commented.
Like wise some wants to be a good fighter. "I learned tak-won-do from my early childhood", said Kushum Thapa of grade 12, in Kathmandu Don Bosco. "I am able to teach new players too. And I feel great when they respect me as their senior."
"I do swimming, play basketball and enjoy my leisure time doing other free works." said Sahara Basnyat,grade 12, student of Little Angels. "I give home tuition for the primary levels students, so it helps me for my pocket money too."
"I play Guitar and I am taking it's class after my college.",said
Sabina Upretty, grade 11, Student of Sagarmatha Multiple College. "I want to be the good musician in my life."
"I used to become first in my school in dancing so I took dancing classes for more better result."
said Rojina Pathak , grade 12 , Kathmandu Don Bosco. "Now I am able to teach dance in a school for Primary levels, I get salary from there so I don't need to ask everytime money from my parents."she added.
"I was forced to marry in my teenage from my parents due to
illiteracy",said Jamuna Gautam, 18 years teenager,
"I need to fulfill my husband's requirements and need to handle his family."she added. "I am not allowed to study nor have any freedom of living my own life."
These days the whole Nepal is celebrating its biggest festival
Dashain. I will write about Dashain in my next post.


Teenager's diary in Nepal

BY Rachana Bhandari

Most of the teenagers like music, the only difference is some plays instruments and sing while others listens to them. It the same with me as I am also a teenager and college student so I prefer all types of music but mostly rock music.

In my college most of my friends listen to English, Hindi and Nepali songs. I also listen them, but i love english songs more. Bryan

Adams is my favorite. When the teachers are not present in the class we play ‘Antakshrree’, a game of songs. Its fun playing a game with the friends. About Nepali singers, Narayan Gopal has a good voice and everybody love him. New rappers and rock singers are slowly becoming popular these days. Some of my friends also do rap.

Apart from singing in the class, we even do gossiping. I think its
something that happen worldwide and my class is no expection. I like the catharsis after doing a lot of gossiping.

In the free period i love going to the computer classes and study books in the library. I like the google's chrome. Its very catcy and easy to use. I have become a fan of it. I like fiction, it interest me a lot. I like Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and Ernest Heminghway.

Some times its very diffcult to buy the new books here, as we don’t get enough pocket money. In Nepal Laxmi Prashad Devkota is my favourite. I like his Muna Madan, a love story of Muna and Madan written in pure poetry. The story is also about class struggle, as

Madan goes to Khasa(Tibet) to earn money, but couldn't return home on time and on the other Muna dies waiting Madan. Its a tragedy. We share our tiffins in the college. I get around 50 Rs per day for pocket money and i spend it on chocolates, books and food.

There is no specific class divisin in Nepal. Higher class family live a luxury life. They have a house, car and other essential luxurious things. They let their children study in expensive colleges. So I find most of the teenagers spoiled due to the careless of their parents when they leave their children whatever they like to do.

In middle class family, they live a satisfaction life. They do have luxuary equipments but its not so standard as the high profile family.

Mostly of the Nepalese are middle class. They do have a job from where they sustain their life.

In lower class family, they live a difficult life. They are not able to eat twice a day. They do a work for others but it is not sufficient for their life. They can’t think about anything except their daily requirements.

In our college, 19-year-old Maya Kumari Devi, the sweeper, gets Rs.5000 per a month. The price of food, clothes , vegetables and other things are becoming coslty each day. It is very difficult for her to sustain her life only through cleaning.