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News and views from Southwark and around the world

*FREE DJ Taster – 4 week course in Southwark*

Course Outline:

· Taught by ex Radio 1 xtra G Child
· Learning about BPM’s
· How to beat match
· Track selection
· Using CDJ 1000’s

First session: Thursday 22nd November followed by Thursday 29th November, Thursday 6th December and Thursday 13th December

Times: Thursdays 10am - 1pm.

Cost: *FREE* to Southwark Residents, limited spaces for non-Southwark residents

No. of spaces: *ONLY* 12 spaces available

Venue: *2Inspire, 1a Wendover, Thurlow Street, London SE17 2UD*

Website: *www.eclectic-productions.co.uk*

*To register call Jackie on: 020 8320 0880 or email:

*Free Radio Production Course – 4 week course*

Have an interest in radio, ever fancied learning what goes into producing a show? Eclectic Productions are offering a *FREE* 4 Week Radio Production Course which gives participants the opportunity to take part interactive exercises and learn techniques/skills in:

- Introduction to radio
- Explore radio production roles
- Writing for radio and show planning
- Introduction to blogging and podcasts
- Interview techniques and show development
- Recording a final show

*Dates:* First session Tuesday 20th November followed by Tuesday 27th November, Tuesday 4th December and Tuesday 11th December

*Times:* 1pm - 4pm

*Cost: FREE* to Southwark Residents, limited spaces for non-Southwark residents

No. of spaces: *ONLY* 12 spaces available
*Venue:* Eclectic Productions, 441 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TA

*Website: *http://www.eclecticproductions.co.uk/eclectic/homepage
* *
*To register call Jackie on: 020 8320 0880 or email:* *

Demo + Cuts

The old Town Hall for Southwark saw its last formal Council Assembly at the end of February and at the same time passed enormous cuts to local services - £18million of cuts in fact. A demonstration outside voiced public frustrations and councillors spoke to Southwark.TV after the vote.

Calling Actors & Theatre Crew

Calling local people to volunteer as actors - amateurs and professionals - and theatre crew for a fund-raising Theatre show in the Bussey building for the benefit of charity
Bede House domestic violence work.

Message from EmmaJane a local Peckham resident, email: vdaylondon@gmail.com

I'm putting on a fund-raising theatre show at The Bussey Building at 133 Rye Lane.

I've been running these shows up in the 'West End' for the last couple of years but I wanted to go local this time round. It's always a good laugh and for an amazing cause
http://www.vday.org/mission. As an example - our last 2 shows gave a considerable donation towards making this happen: "Women who could not lift their heads six months
ago, strutting across a stage." http://www.vday.org/node/2838

This time we're hoping to raise money for local charity Bede House http://www.bedehouse.org/, which has had all its domestic violence funding cut and runs out of money in April. Hopefully we can help them survive for a little while longer.
Also, some of our money goes to the V Day spotlight charity which this year is setting up women's refuges in Haiti.

I would really love for local people to be involved in the show, we need women for The Vagina Monologues and men and women for A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer - so
if you know any actors who'd like to audition - all are welcome - amateurs and professionals, just drop me a line letting me know you're interested. Also looking for theatre crew who'd be up for volunteering and volunteers in general, we'll be needing
ushers, flyering, and general activist fabulousness.

I've set up a Facebook page with some info here: www.facebook.com/vdaylondon

And interested parties can email me at vdaylondon@gmail.com

Thank so much!

Dragon Cafe

Mental Fight Club launch their latest venture on 1st October 2012: The Dragon Cafe. It will run on Mondays from 10am to 8pm, offering food, entertainment, exhibitions, discussions, chill-out space ... venue: the crypt of St George The Martyr opposite Borough tube station.


Community TV Trust is pressing ahead with its positive media project and plans to run a scheme through the autumn with at least two schools, the Academy and a pupil referral unit, in Peckham and hopefully others around Southwark, including three primary schools.
From the pilot run in Goose Green Primary School three excellent films have resulted which will soon be available on YouTube. Here is a short piece showing young people's capacity for insight and change.

UK Government attacks free speech in UK

In an extraordinary speech given February 20 at Kings College, London, Defence Secretary John Reid attacked opponents of the Iraq war for criticising human rights abuses by the British military and suggested that media outlets that reported on such abuses were aiding and abetting the terrorists.
Reid had been invited to give the keynote address before an audience of War Studies students at the College, many of whom can expect, on completing their studies, to go on to careers in the UK’s civil service and armed forces, or with such institutions as NATO and the United Nations.
He made his remarks just days after further images came to light of US forces brutalising Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison and video stills were published of British troops beating young Iraqi men in their Basra army compound.
Reid did not deny that such abuses were taking place, and began his speech by stating he was not “defending indefensible conduct.” This caveat to one side, however, his address was a rationalisation of these and other war crimes, and a warning to anyone seeking to expose them.
There had to be more understanding of the “unprecedented challenges” faced by British troops overseas, Reid said, who face “risks, dangers, threats unimaginable to most of us,” and are called upon to “make immediate life-and-death decisions upon which literally thousands of lives may depend.”

... ...

(then to round off an important article there was
this suprising comment - or perhaps not so surprising - about the lack of press coverage and the tone of The Guardian. One wonders what The Guardian now thinks it is guarding.)

... few in the media have drawn attention to the spurious character of Reid’s remarks, nor their broader implications. Most notably, the Guardian treated his comments as a welcome contribution to the political debate surrounding the “war on terror.”
The defence secretary had made a “timely and important speech,” the newspaper stated, in which “he made many points which even the most reflex critic of the British military should note with care.”


Community TV Trust is currently managing and facilitating ground-breaking community media projects.

Apart from media training customised to each partner group on the "Southwark.TV" website, the project is looking to run the Southwark.TV Road Show and monthly Film Screening events. From January 2005 we produced a monthly TV programme called SOUTHWARK HOUR which featured local voices making use of local media making. This is currently off the air but we are keen to make more. This work changes lives.

If you would like to make a donation, please in the first instance contact Chris Haydon.
Email: chris@communitytvtrust.org
Tel: 07970 970 715

Volunteers are of course always welcome.
  7/2/2006            more    

LOCAL MEDIA - citizens are more than consumers

Here is an article by Chris Haydon, written following participation in this summer's Westminster Media Forum event on Local Media.
  20/8/2007            more    

Peckham Vision no.1

Peckham Vision have issued their first news pdf which addresses the plans for a tram depot in the heart of SE15 - the size of four football pitches.
  25/1/2007            more    


This is a short dance film by local primary school GOOSE GREEN, made as part of LONDON YOUNG VOICES, a Community TV Trust project about positive media and young people.

Is our news media truly keeping an eye on Government ?

A name to look out for at the moment is Jo Wilding. Jo is 29 years old and is in Baghdad, recently in Falluja. She has been filing reports on what she has seen. It makes tough reading.

If you are not super saturated with war reporting, Jo Wilding brings a clear voice to proceedings, to the allegations of random killings by US snipers, to killings on the scale of a massacre.

Click here for their web site

Last July this came from the USA - an outspoken comment on US media, its truthfulness and current tendency.

'Today, our media has abandoned this historic role - to keep an eye on governments, to dissect errors and omissions by offering more truthful counter-narratives - that part of the public that remembers the great journalists of the past knows it. Even journalistic greats admit it. Just before his death June 11, newscaster David Brinkley said of the medium that was his life.
"Television news has become so trivial and devoid of content as to be little different from entertainment programming."

Are we altogether happy with our own news services ? Does the BBC report fully and fearlessly ? I for one detect self censorship in their work post-Hutton. This is to be rooted out at all costs as it serves the creeping progress of those darker forces that have no place in a civil society.

As an antidote, here is a link to a piece
of trenchant writing that comes out of Baghdad
and Falluja, reporting directly as eye witness on the continuing actions of the US military and the lives of ordinary Iraqis attempting to make do under horrific circumstances.

click here for a PDF file downloadable from the Coldtype website.


Local media that truly links into people's lives is powerful, relevant and often entertaining. Southwark.TV was set up in 2003 to explore media's potential on a local basis and is still a clear model for engagement and empowerment in our new YouTube/social networking age.

Young people are too often portrayed in negative light in mainstream media (much attention currently being paid to youth killings, stabbings, knife carrying etc.), and we at Community TV Trust have dedicated the YOUNG LONDON VOICES project to young people facilitating their generating positive media.

Work has begun at one primary school, is due to start shortly at a secondary school; a youth group in Bermondsey is very interested and considering participating ... but we have a shortfall in funding of £2,000. We are staging an exhibition of all media produced in this project at a local venue - probably Corsica Studios at Elephant & Castle - over four days. Each participating group or school will be given their own day when they can invite and entertain their chosen guests.

Community TV Trust [www.communitytvtrust.org] was established in 1998 and registered as a charity in 2000; Southwark.TV [www.southwark.tv] - its main project to date - was piloted in late 2002 and before being launched in February 2003. It now has around fifty partner groups and schools taking space on the website. Neither CTVT nor Southwark.TV has core funding and work from project to project. CTVT also produces educational DVDs, stages events and delivers media training on a wide basis.

Chris Haydon, director of Community TV Trust and creator of Southwark.TV, was previously a freelance producer in broadcast television and still produces documentaries and promotional videos for clients. He currently enjoys close links with Freewheelers Theatre Company, a specialist disability multimedia company, and lectures at FE and HE level. FE students at a college in Hertfordshire are working with him to create a youth oriented local media website called "Hert-Attack" [www.hert-attack.net] that is fun, newsy, entertaining and not a little deranged. Whilst still work in progress, it is already underlining that the partnership between Education and Community is viable and laden with potential.

We would welcome donations or a sponsor to support this project and in particular the final exhibition.

Bethlehem and Sydney, sisters kept apart

A strange story is emerging from Australia of the Australian Government denying visas to the Mayor of Bethlehem and delegates wanting to attend a gala dinner to celebrate their sister becoming a formal sister city with Sydney's Marrickville district.
The dinner is scheduled for 25th August but the spirit of Christmas is not exactly at large in Oz at present, or at least in its Jewish lobby.
  20/8/2007            more    


Southwark.TV launched its 2004 series of monthly Screening & Discussion events on Monday 13th September with an evening of short films and documentary.
Local filmmakers from Youth Animation & Media associated screened their work after English Martyrs Primary School had led off with a mock horror film. 'Creeper Mansion' had been facilitated and edited by local filmmaker Niki Woodham.

A Chris Haydon documentary "Oh Little Town", shot in Palestine in and around Bethlehem in fact, quietened things down for half an hour before three Blue Elephant short films, shot on film, showed another side to young people's filmmmaking in Southwark. These were excellent, thoughtful pieces, neatly filmed and making full use of working alongside an experienced director, Antonio Ribeiro. Antonio is director of Blue Elephant and runs Storymakers Syndicate for local writers.
  29/9/2004            more    


It's in Islington and Haringey. Now it may be coming to Southwark. It's come over from America. It empowers young people.

Citizienship is compulsory for 11-16 year olds but voting for 18-24 year olds is not. Voter apathy among young people is high; but can young people feel they too have a voice and can make a difference ?

The Citizenship Foundation believes the answer is a big 'YES'.

For more information on what the Citizenship Foundation is trying to do, visit their website at www.citizenshipfoundation.org.uk

Or contact:
Carrie Supple, Project Manager
Citizenship Foundation
Ferroners House, Shaftesbury Place
Off Aldersgate Street
London EC2Y 8AA

Tel: 020 7367 0500 Fax: 020 7367 0501

Artery Magazine

is produced by Southwark Arts Forum and is a useful guide to exhibitions and arts news around the borough. SAF are at 186 Peckham High Street, SE15; their telephone number is 7252 8672.

public service broadcasting - could it be Eastenders ?

+ Community Television +

Jowell: Reality shows could be PSB
Colin Robertson
02 March 2004 09:53

Reality TV and soaps such as EastEnders could be classed as public
service broadcasting, according to media secretary Tessa Jowell.

As the government and regulator Ofcom gear up to create a new framework
for public service broadcasting Jowell said reality shows which shed
light on human behaviour could well qualify for PSB status.

"I could certainly see that a reality-TV show that explored some
particular aspect of human behaviour could be argued for as
public-service broadcasting, with an interest that extends beyond
profits and high ratings," she told the Independent, adding that she
had watched "four episodes and many hours of ITV1’s I'm A Celebrity...
Get Me Out of Here".

She also suggested that some storylines in soaps often had a strong
public service value. "I would say that those episodes of EastEnders
that tackle difficult issues of child abuse, drug taking, teenage
pregnancy, and so forth, are actually - when they do it responsibly -
providing an important public service."

Her comments will be well received by commercial broadcasters who are
hoping for a more relaxed PSB framework under Ofcom. They have called
for an end to the "box ticking", whereby each channel is prescribed a
certain number of hours of religion, arts, and kids programming to
satisfy PSB remits.


Excellent article by Ted Turner on Big Media.

TED TURNER, founder of CNN speaks about the big players in US and global media.

Follow this link to "My Beef with Big Media"


Southwark.TV presented at conferences

In Autumn 2005 "Southwark.TV", with its parallel film screening programme offered by Community TV Trust and the series of local TV programmes called SOUTHWARK HOUR, was presented at London College of Communications at an interactive media symposium.

Southwark.TV was promoted at a media/creative industries conference called Creative Clusters, which was held in Brighton over two days in April 2004, and attracted speakers and delegates from many countries including Mexico, Bulgaria, Australia, Japan.

Southwark.TV's own project director, Chris Haydon, was invited to make a presentation about the work that everyone has been doing here in Southwark, right across the Borough communty.

Southwark.TV is attracting attention from many quarters now.


If we were to take a determinedly positive view of life - what would we do about the upsurge in gun crime ? How would we look to make a difference ?

This is taken from an interview reported in News of the World (4th Jan 2004):

Peckham's Mothers Against Guns founder Lucy Cope: "Gun crime in this country is out of control. The weapons of mass destruction aren't in Iraq — they are here on the streets of Britain. We need action and we need it fast. Tony Blair needs to recognise the problem and deal with it."

Lucy participated in a "Southwark.TV" initiative designed to encourage positive engagement with major issues by young people.

If you are interested in having the Road Show visit your school or community centre, call Tolu at Southwark Young People's Magazine Project - 020 7639 4215

Send us details of events

If you want a community event to be included in this calendar please send information to CTVT, 10 Denman Road London SE15 5NP. Fax 020 7701 0878.
Email Chris Haydon
We welcome your contributions

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