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Southwark.TV out and about

In addition to launching and managing this Southwark.TV project, Community TV Trust is busy in other ways.

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Following the success of its "Southwark.TV" project and a series of ten one-hour discussion programmes, SOUTHWARK HOUR, broadcast on the Community Channel
CTVT will shortly be announcing a range of media and filmmaking courses it will be offering. Course details and fees will be published on the websites of Southwark.TV [www.southwark.tv] and Community TV Trust [www.communitytvtrust.org].

General Video Production
Advanced Video and TV production
General Video Editing
Advanced Video Editing
Media Training - Introduction & Literacy
Local Media & Engagement

Contact Chris Haydon for more information
Email: chris@communitytvtrust.org
For 'CTVT Chris' Blog: www.chrishaydon.blog.co.uk
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CTVT produces educational DVDs and to date has covered Knife Crime, Healthy Eating, and Personalisation of Mental Health Care Services.

London Young Voices is a three year initiative running up to July 2012 and designed to focus on young people producing positive media, often about tough issues they find confronting them in life. With younger children there is humour and energy, with teenagers a preoccupation with violence is evident. The first crop of films came from Goose Green Primary School (see their section of this site), the second larger crop is coming through in December 2009/January 2010.

As part of its Southwark.TV venture in 2005, CTVT produced ten one-hour TV programmes under the title SOUTHWARK HOUR. Southwark.TV partners featured strongly, as did locally made films.

In other areas, a training video was commissioned by Lewisham PCT;

a short film was made for the Young Parent Project, based in Camberwell. The director is Clare Johns, a debut film which has led on to taking work for an 'indie' production company;

CTVT delivered media training in West Cornwall, launched a sister operation to "Southwark.TV" called "St Ives.TV" [www.stives.tv] and is keen to develop a countywide media initiative with Cornwall Rural Community Council of Truro.

If you would like to offer your services in support of one of our partners in "Southwark.TV", "St Ives.TV" or other video production work, please just send an email or pick up the phone.

E: chris@southwark.tv
T: 020 7701 0878 / 07970 970 715

CTVT was commissioned to produce films with a newly formed, local Asian group on the Rockingham Estate, for the first Elefest - Elephant & Castle's own film festival staged in November 2003. These were successfully screened on opening night at The Coronet Cinema, in front a large and enthusiastic audience.
In Elefest 2004, Elefest 2005 and Elefest 2006 CTVT also contributed video compilations of its work through Southwark.TV, SOUTHWARK HOUR and the Southwark.TV Festival of Film and Photography.

CTVT has also worked for TACT Ltd, a company working with people with disability, and has now produced a range of corporate films and a half hour documentary for the company.

Mental health and learning disability are fast becoming a specialism of CTVT and Chris Haydon who is also linked to Freewheelers, a performing arts group based at Queen Elizabeth Foundation in Leatherhead, Surrey. Haydon was commissioned to shoot a film around a six-month Arts Council theatre project that also features Brandon and Toby.

Plans are evolving for a web-based community media service for the UK's Somali community.

- - - - -


Saturday 15th February 2003, updated with subsequent peace demonstrations, not to mention the Invasion of Iraq itself and now, on the eve of the handover of power, all the continuing chaos, still plays in the mind as an amazing experience for all who happened upon the march.

The numbers were vast, the noise of the crowds minimal. Occasional song, laughter - but rarely anything as basic as chanting. Even the police on duty were in relaxed mood. Unforgettable and moving.

One may feel helpless over international affairs, but it is vital to remember that one can still be effective and totally tuned in at home, on one's doorstep, with one's neighbours, friends, and of course with one's family.

Mainstream media gorges on conflict, on dramatic images and on instant heroism and horror. This can overwhelm one's perception of what life is about.

In late May I visited Myanmar 2004 and invited another overseas organisation to become a partner to Southwark.TV ... it is Yangon YMCA.
Yangon is the capital of Myanmar, formerly Burma. The work performed is inspiring and in our jargon inclusive, multi-faith, reaching the hard-to-reach. Helping with money may not be possible, but helping by listening and by coordinating volunteer participation for skills training is feasible.

In January and November 2004 I travelled to Palestine, visited Bethlehem and Ramallah in the Occupied Territories that are today's permitted living for Palestinian society. On the second trip I delivered a new laptop donated from the UK for the benefit of Palestinians in Ramallah.

The British Foreigh Office advises one not to travel there. The Israeli State is close to forbidding entry for foreigners to these towns just as Palestinians are prevented from free travel, splitting families and denying labour.

Sadly the suicide bombing campaign serves to perpetuate the cycle of violence rather than to bring it to an end. The election of Hamas has complicated the situation but that does not excuse the punishing of the oppressed people of Gaza Strip and West Bank by withdrawing international aid. Israel holds Palestine in a vice - is that an echo I hear of the Warsaw Ghetto on the wind ?

Whatever the means one may have to communicate, to learn, to increase understanding, is it not a duty to take advantage of these ?

The internet allows information through that is not available in newspapers or on TV news programmes. Statistics, analysis, accounts of events are all there to be found now. This is true of the Israeli operations vis-a-vis Palestinian Territories; it also applies to events that are closer to home.

If we start to feel any concern for Public Service 'broadcasting' or Public Service Media as I prefer to term it these days (supply of useful information into the public sphere - via whatever means: radio, internet, local TV, text messaging, etc), we can look at what is directly in our power to use. We in the UK all have access nowadays to computers and the internet - if you don't have one yourself, it is not hard to find someone who does. The local library can also get you on the net for free.

Community media ... this therefore is a tool for any job. Just as the fax machine played a huge part in completing the collapse of the Soviet Union ...

Where are the boundaries between mainstream and community ? If material passed is of interest or relevance to others it is of value.

Palestine, Peckham, politics or play, just "publish and be damned".

When I began my career in media in UK you absolutely could not do that. For the moment you can. Have you read Pilger on British Freedom carried here in CTVT's section ? You should.

Chris Haydon

April 2006
film drama "The Blox"

film drama "The Blox"

recent production partner, Josh Aronson

recent production partner, Josh Aronson

Southwark activist Lucy Cope

Southwark activist Lucy Cope's group