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useful, relevant and fun
Community TV Trust [CTVT] aims to inspire and support local media projects, whether one-off video productions or open-ended web-based ventures such as "Southwark.TV".

It is also now building a project through education at a Hertfordshire FE college using a Media course unit on Social Action and Community Media Production ... see Hert-Attack.

CTVT was established in 1997 and registered as a charity in summer 2000. It is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales. Company number is 3796670. Its registered office is at
10 Denman Road London SE15 5NP
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New Items

Community TV Trust has produced many video productions, educational DVDs and projects including this film about bullying in the form of a skateboarding drama from Goose Green Primary School which is part of London Young Voices, CTVT's newest project:

  • in 2003 launched "Southwark.TV"

  • in 2004 began Southwark.TV film screenings

  • in 2005 produced SOUTHWARK HOUR, a series of ten one-hour programmes for Community Channel, and a substantial educational DVD to combat knife crime called "KNIFE - the Southwark DVD"

  • in 2006 lobbied Ofcom over its Digital Dividend Review

  • in 2007 produced a second educational DVD on healthy eating, designed to raise children's awareness in conjunction with the Primary School at Goose Green

  • has featured at conferences and occupies a clear position on the media landscape as the creator of a still relevant model in community media practice

  • in 2008 produced a docu-drama on homelessness with men located via a Southwark St Mungo's hostel

  • in 2009 filmed an opera with primary schoolchildren

  • in 2009 ran a media training project at Goose Green Primary School producing 3 excellent short films inspired as positive media about young people and the place where they live

  • in 2009 was commissioned by Department of Health to create an educational DVD on personalising mental health services

  • in 2009 ran London Young Voices in 4 schools across the autumn, giving media training and facilitating production of films and videos by young people from south London

CTVT is lobbying Parliament via the Parliamentary Media Literacy Group, the Culture Media & Sport Select Committee, and Ofcom, on behalf of local media interests.

Chris Haydon who created CTVT has been a freelance director/producer in broadcast TV since 1983. Clients include LWT, Granada, Meridian, Thames TV, C4, CBS & PBS in America.

In addition Chris is experienced within the corporate video sector.

To help release steam at the ever more tiresome tendencies of the mainstream media, Chris Haydon currently runs a web blog.

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Visit www.communitytvtrust.org to find out more

CTVT offers an occasional newsletter, volunteering opportunities, media training for community groups, production expertise at broadcast level.

Plans to publish a discussion paper entitled Negative News Report on negativity in our mainstream news media have evolved and CTVT is currently talking with a University over expanding the project. This is a complicated issue and muddles many. The mental environment in which we all conduct our lives is largely an environment over which we have ceded control to external forces - namely the media and the big players who buy or push their way into it. At literally every turn we are met by an advertisement, a corporate message, an item of news, a murder story, a largely naked figure ... our mind and senses constantly challenged or assaulted. To have an awareness of this actuality is the first step towards disentangling oneself from it.

If you would like to contribute to the Negative News Report, email CTVT.

We have a bright prospect ahead: the creation of an active, locally generated media, media that tells useful and positive stories, stories that are relevant, helpful, informative and perhaps fun as well. How well do we know our own neighbourhood ? How well do we know our own neighbour ?

When IT, new media, video, web/internet developments et al., integrate into real life, then they are working.

Community TV Trust is ensuring that "Southwark.TV" encourages real meetings to take place and new relationships to strike up. This brave new world of IT, new media, web and video is fine but not an end in itself. Hence last autumn's programme of live events, debating gun crime and hip hop, screening the Palestinian documentary at the Peckham cinema ...

There is a TV series called SOUTHWARK HOUR that CTVT has been producing across 2005 ...

From September 2004 CTVT ran a series of monthly film screening events at the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell for Southwark.TV partners and local filmmakers ... which all contribute to the goal of making a real link between the 'media made and the life lived'.

Back in April 2003 the partners in the pilot phase of "Southwark.TV" met up at Southwark College to share what they had been doing - photography, videos, text, whatever. The principal was established.

In July 2004 "Southwark.TV" partners and affiliated local filmmakers screened their work at the second Elefest Film Festival, held at The Coronet cinema at Elephant & Castle. We are doing the same at the 2005 festival to be held later in November.